Saturday, June 4

Bienniel Garden Party

Well two years have come and gone since the last Garden Party extravaganza.
That was the 40th wedding do...
and people came from far and was a great weekend.



...and music.

This year we will once again be holding it for Frances House Children's Hospice in Didsbury.
But the format will be the same or nearly the same as the wedding bash..
I have a few little extras up my wide sleeve,
 that I hope will add a frisson of excitement to the proceedings!

Well for a start I was inspired to make some more bunting
 after seeing the article in this month's Country Living Magazine,
about the allotment owners Jazz Tea Parties each year.

I like creating atmosphere,
 but I'm not so great at taking the time to make it perfect... I was encouraged to see that they had made their bunting pretty randomly.

Last evening, I cut up lots of bits of the past  for the bunting...
sewed them quickly on to a green ribbon...

...trimmed off all of the loose ends...

...and strung it up on the swing to get an idea of the effect....I like it!

So, now I can mark that off the list of "things to be done"!
for Saturday 9th July
at The Potters House Penketh.

Friday, June 3

Jungle in Penketh!

Right beside our morning coffee spot is a jungle.
If I was a little mouse or a hedgehog or a beetle...yes especially a beetle...
I would be scurrying through this bean jungle.

Knowing that very little else could see me,
and I would be feasting on the goodies within!

But what is that I spy through the jungle?
Why nestling up agaist the warm fence are already more "rubies".

That's a bit early I think?
Still it means that I've really got to sort out the big freezer sooner that I was going to!

All vegetables and fruit c/o the potter  a.k.a. gardener!

Tuesday, May 31


I believe that there is a saying...maybe Chinese, maybe not....that if you live 'til strawberry time you will live another year.
I'll go with that!
I came down this morning to find that the gardener [a.k.a. the potter] had already been out in the vegetable patch and there were the first ruby red jewels of fruit that we blithely call...strawberries.
I think that they should have a much more exotic name. If I could think of one ...I'd rename them....can't think...o.k. call them strawberries!

Looks like we studded these with rubies!

They're all gone....
'til tomorrow morning!