Saturday, December 16

misty day in penketh

I met the oldest grandgirl for lunch at The Harefield cafe up the road.
The day was misty and mysterious.
We had a table by the window and watched the alpacas in the field....lovely time....good food.

Keep warm... 

Friday, December 15

gingerbread houses and neviepie

Every year for quite a few now my daughter makes gingerbread houses as part of her business.
Natasha Collins..Neviepiecakes...designer.
I can't bear to eat these amazing pieces of art and so they sit atop my glass cupboard for me to see and love.
Yes they are gingerbread...but the amount of work and art involved makes them so much more than something to eat.
You might be able to see this year's model in Fortnum and Mason in London.....if you are quick!

This Dutch inspired one is my favourite at the moment.

Monday, December 11

A Poem for Thursday...Driving to Donegal

Driving to Donegal

River Bann in flood  cattle on the bank
cloud and blue patches in an Ulster sky
red barn roofs curved and corrugated
Enniskillen          Omagh              Derry
on the green road sign.   Driving west.
Telegraph wires strung out on drumlins
measuring the miles and the messages
ancient gaelic town lands   anglish form
politics noted in the colour of a flag
politics  black    green     blue     red
and white  with a bloody hand
woven together like fine Sunday linen.
Fecundity found in every hedge and tree
mother Ireland at her most fertile her
green hills swelling as ample breasts
each rowan     ash     willow and oak
hazelnuts beechnuts and acorns with
meadowsweet  knapweed  fireweed and
net fences twined about with red rosebuds
over   under   around the edges of gardens.

Geraldine Snape