Tuesday, November 8

Sun and Stone

This was the view that we saw as we drove back home after our lovely weekend with old friends.

These are cooling towers near our home and the sun was setting absolutely in the centre of the two end towers.
I stood in the middle of the dual carriage way and snapped and snapped as it went down in between them.
It was magic....glorious....mystical even.
I know that there are at least three sites in Ireland that celebrate the movement of the sun.
New Grange, Dowth and Knowth ...they too are magic, glorious and mystical.
But part of me thinks that all of these sites, however wonderfully constructed and thoughtful .....are really man's way of saying,
..."we were here"....
So at the weekend , with a couple of cement cooling towers in the backround, I took the photgraphs and I am saying...
..."I was here!"....

Monday, November 7

Nut Hatch

Down in deepest Herefordshire at the weekend...and this gorgeous little bird was swinging on the nut feeder just as cheeky as you please.Our friends said that it hadn't been there for weeks...so I felt very privileged to capture him.

A nut hatch.... they like to eat upside down..a bit like a cheeky kid in the tree.

Are you watching me? You should be!