Friday, July 22

A Poem For Friday....The Painter

The blue sky,
and a lazy gull,
and the shouting laughter
 of young men playing football.

and high in the sky

the boys float and flutter

on warm thermals.

birch leaves whisper 

and turn themselves over

to show pure silver

-rising in price -

they say. 
Stelios gives me a fly past

on his way back from those triangular mountains.

and the wood pigeon

moans gently in the tall pine tree.

on the day

the painter died.

[The painter and the painting of course...Lucien Freud
and the boys are the screaming gang of swallows over the field].

Thursday, July 21

Given Time.

I only seem to have time at the moment for bits of sketches,
what with workshops and garden parties!
But here's another little one of husband and muse at work with clay. 

and yes "He does seem to have lost the p(l) ot!"

Wednesday, July 20

this is the link to the Tedeschi-Trucks Band playing at music of the moment....loving it!

Tuesday, July 19

The Making of a Polar Bear!

I took this series of photos recently to have a record of how Alan works in the studio.

Oblivious to any other influence!

The starting product.

Continually turning on the stand and viewing from every angle.

Dried, fired, glazed and fired again..a very high temperature of 1240c.

A close-up of the finished glaze...he's very happy with this effect.

Two views of the polar bear ready for a trip down south...
.....but not as far as the s. pole...polar bears don't live there!

Monday, July 18

Kitaj Exhibition in Kendal

I'm inspired. I always am after seeing an exhibition.
This one was at the Abbott Hall Gallery in Kendal.
Showing the work of Kitaj.

So after the show we made our way back down the road to the Bay
and stopped off at The Midland for a drink.
The sky was heavy with purple/blue clouds and the water was stunning.
So I got inspired and made a quicky sketch and wet it with a spot of my Guinness!