Monday, September 21

Thursday morning prompt...."Sink or Swim"

Thursday morning is writing workshop morning. Twelve chairs in a ring around the room and each week a prompt given to write something in the two hours available.
It can be prose, poetry, fact , fiction, play or any other style preferred. But the writing is serious. Not a time for levity! Twenty minutes before the end it's pens down...finished or not...and then a reading from each one there.
This prompt came the week of the awful Chinese plane crash...when already news of the trouble in Ukraine had preempted the war in Syria. Already this week news has taken another turn with the pictures of the many fleeing from Syria....but on this week....the media was more interested in the plane we forget...

Sink or Swim

Terry Wogan used to say, "Gone and never called me mother".
I was thinking about that yesterday when the news broke about the plane disaster.
We Irish like to take the dark, and lighten it with tongue in cheek
Black humour we call that!
It's like adding butter and cream to spuds and scallions
Helps the disasters of life to be more acceptable.
Not that the Chinese feel that way at this moment
Not much swimming to the far shore there
A bit too far I'd say, a lot of crying and tearing of hair
And the media having a  heyday and taking our minds off other politics.
We Irish do most of our crying in private and
We're more likely to pop down to the pub sometime
Around ten o'clock in the evening, just in time
For the diddly da music to get going. Sink a few
And set the world to rights, we'll probably agreeThat it's going to hell in a bucket.
I've been doing a wee bit of thinking about Ukraine
As well. That situation has been pushed out
Of the limelight somewhat.
We once had a couple of children stay with us
For a fortnight, to build up their vitamins
After the Chernobyl affair.
They tried to eat bananas with the skin on.
But after all that they had been through
What did they want? Most of all...American bubble gum.
We picked the dried up lumps off the bottom
Of the chairs for months after that, yes, American bubble gum.
That certainly sums up the realities of life
Some may say the sins of the fathers and all that....
And here we are back to square one, stuck
With the Orwellian thought that once again the world
Is turning cold .
The media circus has seemed to sink Syria in the mire.
Of the political moment I see, plus ca change.