Wednesday, October 3

A Poem for Thursday


I watch gannets
swoop and circle
long-winged seagulls
silver glinting
searching the ocean
skimming atlantic
sea harrying
rising on thermals
wings folded
like a stone
like a harpoon
like macbeth's dagger
heart piercing

This is for dVerse week favourite poetry site!...but also for National Poetry Day on Thursday so quite thrilled that I@ve always called my poetry "A Poem for Thursday".....
(I was born on a Thursday!) ...........

...............oh how I love that thought!

Monday, October 1

it's true...summer is over

We're back from the wet north ...and no Grange Prom Art yesterday.

This year has been the worst for the kind of weather that causes openings to be cancelled...
...although we masterfully kept going last month...even though the rain came in bursts...we simply gathered the paintings  up and waited 'til it stopped.
 However on Sunday we met up with the buyer for the tankard and she was really happy with the outcome!
So...can't win 'em all but won one today!

The trees up by Grange are already tinted with reds and golds and looking like fire blazing even in the downpours that have flooded the fields.

I have some seasonal indicators here at the Pottery... telling me that  summer is over...

...the virginia creeper outside the window of the lounge.... spreading downwards like a morrocan veil coyly hiding the worst of winter from our summer blinded eyes.

 ...and of course ...the delicate webs of autumn interlaced with trembling raindrops and turned to crystal as the sun breaks through for a brief moment....