Sunday, June 6

The Herb Garden

When we arrived at the place that we now call The Potters House nearly 30 years ago, there was a spot in the back field with nothing growing except brambles and broken glass from discarded window frames. A teenager came to live with us for a year to do voluntary work in the area. He was a great lad and always keen to help. So as there was a lot to do, Alan suggested that he take over the clearing of the bramble patch. A work of love if ever there was one!
That part of the field became my herb garden,often my morning place of quiet and definitely somewhere special. We made the paths wide enough for Kate's chair to get through. Although as the years have gone on they tend to grow narrower and narrower until I can bear to cut them back. The young lad became a man and he and his wife and family are still very precious to us. Really it should not be called mine, but "James' Herb Garden!"

The garden is divided by four paths.North, south, east and west. Each area is bound by box hedge. It's due for a haircut at the moment, but it will have to wait.  In the centre of the herbs is a pear tree, in fact a Golden Pear Tree, sadly it doesn't have nutmegs on favorite nursery rhyme. 

They say that the wife who can grow sage and keep it alive is the wise wife! that would be nice!

Each "gateway" is flanked by either lavender or
And at the base of the pear tree is a sun dial surrounded by Jerusalem sage. Can it get any more symbolic! This is the time for the flowers of the herbs and on a warm evening it's magic to sit on the seat that Alan made and be still.