Thursday, January 3

Jeanie's Design

Growing up in Belfast,  we were regularly told about mum's brother and sister who died before antibiotics came into the general arena of health.
Now I'm reading the news just like everyone else, about the dangers of continual use of these medicines and I've never personally been a great one for dosing my children up with them, when they were young.
However...without them my gorgeous oldest grandgirl would not have recovered from the lung infection which has floored her recently and I would still be struggling with that dreaded...blessed ...awful... "lady thing"....cystitis!
Oh ...too much information I hear you say as you switch off!
O.K. however if there had been antibiotics in the early 30s....Jeanie my aunt, would have survived the dose of pleurisy that eventually did for her...
...and we would have had much more of this wonderful embroidery design work for which she was studying ,
 at Belfast Art College.

Wednesday, January 2

Starting again.

Soon we will be back in the studios with the groups that come for pottery classes every week.
We waited for a while this year to make sure that the potter was up to teaching..
......but though waiting for an op at the end of January... we say in Belfast!....he's "rarin" to go!

I thought it might be interesting to post some pics of the work done by one or two of the talented folk who come each week.

So these are ceramics made by Gordon Firth...
...a verty talented artist...
...with a wonderful quirky sense of style!

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

I was lucky enough to nhave been given them as part of my christmas treats......

Monday, December 31

The Gourd Pot.

So... I wrote a few weeks ago about the pumpkins that were not!...they were gourds...and very nice ones too.
...daughter, from down south, took quite a few home...
... and the lovely pottery class people took some more.
But I still have a basketful of them....though what to do  except gaze appreciately at them.....
....I'm sure I don't know!

Anyway, the Potter  always gives me a ceramic christmas goody and this year the theme was not the pumpkin...

which it has been in the past..., no, it's the gourd!


I'm looking forward to filling it with sunflowers later in the year.