Thursday, September 6

Jazz x 2 in Berlin.

We held a garden party on Saturday here at the Potters House...

"Jazz in The Garden" ...

It was fun, and we raised some money for our local church,
well actually quite a lot of money when realised it was made by selling cake
and what wonderful cake!

But I digress....

I sing a bit and when I do it's.... lets say ...jazzy!

So to be taken to two jazz events in one day by my niece in Berlin, on my birthday, was a truly double delight.
First we made our way to Tauro Restaurant where there was a shady garden, a non-stop buffet of the most wonderful goodies and
 joy of joys...a jazz quartet playing all of those smooth listening pieces that just go to help the food
 go down easy!

Just look at that elegant man in his snazzy grey suit and his fabulous shoes!
His black hair swept back...with... could that be the Brylcream look?

I adore the way he holds the mike...and that great old fashioned mike as well.
The music was mainly from the 20's and early 30's and we could have been there in the days of 

I didn't know at that point that we could up the jazz stakes in the same day...
...but we did!

We walked along the river by the Bode Museum in the early evening...
...stopping only to watch the starlings perform a murmuration above the domes of Berlin.

 and admire the tango dancers by the bridge...

...and then as we crossed the bridge , the music floated out over the Berlin dusk.

There in the portico of the museum was the Kuba Stankiewiez Quartet.

What a setting and what sounds they made....a magic night!

It was my niece and her husband who organised our trip to hear the group, and I managed to take this pic of her as she crept up to the front to photograph them as they played. 
Jess is a professional photographer and Neil a football blogger!

We sat at the tables near the bridge with the dancers clicking their feet, and watched the stars come out.

It's taken me a while to get this together...trying to find where my pics are on the new "box".
But I'm getting we say in the Snapes...

..."Little by little"..
or even

Monday, September 3

Berliner Walls

Our accomodation was in East Berlin. We went into the West side a few times but the East is the all singing, all dancing part of Berlin!
I have taken some pics of the posters that abound everywhere and the graffiti painted on every space available.

A plethora of official and unofficial wall paintings.

...and those wonderful round "pill-box" poster stands seen everywhere.
Love them !

I thought that this one had an irony to it....
...above an ad. for family entertainment and pasted over that...
one for international revolution.
Maybe the family will go to both?!

Just look at the number of bits of paper stuck on top of each other!
If I were young again and living there...I would take them as they fall off and soak them apart and paper my walls with them... it was I took one informing me that a rally was to be held that day to support the "Pussy Riot"...
...the three young Russian women jailed by the Putin regime for singing in the cathedral.
It hangs proudly in our dining room reminding me that actually, revolution is never far away!

The one that really got me was very simple...


We were walking through one of the few up market streets...but round the corner was a squat and 
perhaps they had pasted it up.

[not much happening on the blogging front....a new computer and new photo shop and I'm regularly flummoxed by them posts will be few and far between for a while]!