Friday, March 26


I saw this quote from the Times at the weekend.  Tutor to Paloma Faith [singer], " The medium in which you express yourself is irrelevant. What is important is what you are trying to say." 

When I was at college working towards my B.A. in Fine Art, my struggle was to narrow down the ideas coming from my butterfly mind.
Whether to paint or collage, to use ceramics, installation art or performance.

Then as now the theme running through it all was, the human race on the edge. A place that I knew so well growing up, edge where sea meets land. A very edgy place yet also comforting in the eternal movement of time and tide. I have always been a gatherer of stuff thrown up by the waves. These are often bits thrown overboard, abandoned then changed by the water and salt and continual movement of wind and weather.

These pieces of work are the result of my years of looking and making. they are often a statement of relationships and family trauma and joy.                                                                  

       Sometimes they are just themselves!  
Together they make a statement about life and family and all those ordinary things that are really 

Tuesday, March 23

Hedgehog in the Dish

I'm following a great blog called Hog Blog, all about the hedgehogs that he photographs in the garden at night. We often have hedgehogs in the back field, and now and again they venture up to the house ,just as this little one did.

Monday, March 22

Getting Growing

When we see the snowdrops and then the crocuses in bloom, then we know we've got to get going and growing.It's as if they are the encouragers of gardeners.

So we step out into the back field at the Potters House and start the gentle act  of sorting out the packets and bags of seeds and corms.Thus begins another growing year.

Already some over-wintered goodies are emerging. The early buds of rhubarb are colouring the soil and giving us every reason to believe that in the not too distant future, rhubarb crumble will be on the menu for the family gatherings.

    Broad beans and tomato seedlings have already been started off in the warmth of the studio, and the broad beans have been moved out to one of  the greenhouses. The shoots are shooting up! 


Every winter one of the rustic arches decays and collapses in the winds. So one of Alan's first jobs is making a new one from long straight branches found on the hazel, hawthorn or willows growing in the back field.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       If you are any thing like me you will have bought bulbs last autumn that are languishing in a box or basket in the greenhouse. Why do we do that ? Poor things. I often shove them in in early spring a hope that they will give a show even if it's a bit late!  I want to grow sunflowers, sweet pea, morning glory and most of all cosmos this summer. I have the seeds, I just need to make sure that I actually plant them.                                                 

Sunday, March 21

Week-end at The bay

We spent a few days this weekend at our house by the coast.  Even if the weather isn't always wonderful, the freedom from business, phone and computer restores our souls! But the weather on Friday was sunny and bright and there's nothing like a walk on the promenade to relax you. Even better, a glass of Guinness drunk while gazing out to sea. The view across Morecambe Bay can be clear and sharp or hazy and mystical. You look out on to a hundred square miles of water or sand, depending on the turn of the tide. In the distance are the Lakeland Hills and the mountains behind them.

On Saturday we went back again for the Midland Afternoon Tea.  Sandwiches, cut the way Aunt Cis always did, scone, jam and clotted cream, crisp orange biscuits, carrot cake and cream buns. A feast. We had to wrap the biscuits and carrot cake in the napkins and take them back to the house for later. but apart from that we managed very well!