Friday, February 10

A bit of my history.

I was reading through the post of a fellow blogger giving 11 points of interest about himself and then I saw in the list below it, was my daughter's blog with a "you might also like" bit.
My daughter is the amazing cake designer from Amelie's House and her reputation is growing steadily in the north London area.
I had been her guest blogger in 2010, and had written about my family and our history of cake! So I thought I would post this on my own site to give a bit more of an insight into who I am and where I have come from.

(Have a quick look at her blog if you like, to read the article.)

I'm exceedingly proud of both my children, but I know that my mother and aunt would be thrilled to see the wonderful designs that this granddaughter/niece is creating.

"Early Design!"
(I still love these types of cakes!)

I've just had a look through the family photos to find a pic for the post and I'm amazed at how many are of us all gathered around either a table or a picnic rug.
None of us is particularly overweight and certainly we are not big eaters, but the table is such a comforting place to gather and then stay at to chat and sort out the "world" in our fashion.
Of course that's not to say that when the potter and myself are eating alone...we don't sit in front of the fire with a tray on our lap! I'm all for what the german family call.."gemutlichkeit"..there is no proper translation of this ...the nearest being the jewish..."shalom"... in my opinion!

I often think back to the days in Belfast with the two mother Mary and Aunt Helen... in the kitchen together creating  yummy goodies and giggling about their own childhood memories.

Coffee table by Mary.......the goddess of plenty!

Thursday, February 9

A Poem for Thursday.


I laid my head upon the pillow
Closed my eyes and this I saw.
The greatest wave rose from the ocean
And made it's way towards the shore.

And as I looked a boat appeared
With people in, and then I saw
No sail was there to help their going,
No rudder either, death for sure.

What foolishness was this I wondered?
Why even Hokasai's great  wave
Had given to the boatmen oars
To guide them home to keep them safe.

"We had a dream", the lost ones murmured
"That all would shortly come to pass...
Within those dreams so sweet, so honest.
So what has happened now, we ask?"

Then one by one they tumbled over.
Their arms they held above the sea,
And waved them bravely as they pleaded,
"We drown, please save us presently!"

Ah ....the best laid plans of mice and men.........

I'm linking in to Dverse ~ poets pub this week. They have put up a post linking philosophy and poetry!
Lovely stuff! this poem above has two of course is Hokasai's Great Wave and the other a thought from Stevie Smith...Not Waving But Drowning... thankyou for this opportunity!!

Sunday, February 5

Misty Cheshire.

We woke up this morning to frost and thick mist.
But too much staying in and you end up with cabin fever!
So like mad Brits we set off along the M6 to try and get to Dunham Massey for a walk in the park.
The fog became even thicker as we crossed the Mersey at Thelwall Viaduct.

Madness lies here!

Dunham Massey has one of the most beautiful snowdrop walks in England...
...but today we were happy just to get out of the car and make our way through the gloom.

I said to the potter that I doubted if there would be anyone else crazy enough to come out today.
I was wrong!

There was no table left at the little National Trust cafe just outside the was packed!
So there was nothing for it but to walk further on into the country.
 when we eventually reached the Barn Tea Rooms at the Hall....
...that was also packed...
....but there were some tables left..
so we had our pot of tea and buttered toasted teacakes with jam.

Well who would believe it!
So many with the same thought...
"Let's get out no matter the weather"

Lovely countryside around here in Cheshire.
Oak trees are famous.
And in the watery winter sun, with their branches stretching out like thin arms...
...they are stunning.