Tuesday, November 15

Cake, cake, cake!

I'm just back from The Trafford Centre, Manchester...having meet up with my lovely daughter at Selfridges for a morning drink. It doesn't happen very often...but today she was delivering the last of the Christmas goodies to the northern store. London and Birmingham already have their supplies of Neviepie Cakes.

So proud mother ...oh stop it mum....had to take a pic of her beside the display.
She's very perfectionist...well so is her brother...but I don't know where it it has come from!
So the stall is given the once over....

 ....And yes , it will do! Hurray.

Actually the cake department were already oohing and aahing over the goodies.
If you want some ...you need to get there fast...it's all gonna go!
Individual Christmas cakes with hand-painted designs, cookies on a stick and the sweetest gingerbread houses...some with Hansel and Gretel standing in front to welcome us!

I can hear her say, "Now you are being a bit fanciful mum"...but she expects that of me I'm sure.

Sunday, November 13

Suport for Afghani Women

Portrait of your's truly in green!
Well this was my portrait sent to the charity that is supporting and helping Afghani women in their difficult situations.
Rarely a day goes by with out the media putting up a report on another young woman or often teenager caught up in some frightening marriage or abusive story.
I am here in this backwater of Europe, and it frustrates me that I have such little clout or influence in what happens to others of my sex a few thousand miles away.
So I donned this green in support of those women and can only hope and pray that it will, with all the other thousands who have done it....men as well as women!... make a difference somehow, someday with somebody.