Sunday, November 13

Suport for Afghani Women

Portrait of your's truly in green!
Well this was my portrait sent to the charity that is supporting and helping Afghani women in their difficult situations.
Rarely a day goes by with out the media putting up a report on another young woman or often teenager caught up in some frightening marriage or abusive story.
I am here in this backwater of Europe, and it frustrates me that I have such little clout or influence in what happens to others of my sex a few thousand miles away.
So I donned this green in support of those women and can only hope and pray that it will, with all the other thousands who have done as well as women!... make a difference somehow, someday with somebody.


  1. What is the charity, Gerry? And why did you have to wear green? I like the photo - you look wonderful!

  2. I'm with you, Gerry. I am so concerned for their welfare, but, feel helpless.

    Someday soon...

  3. Sadly, I think this appalling situation will only be resolved when the nasty Taliban are given a good kicking, but I admire your concern.

  4. good one Gerry,keep it up.

  5. What Ember said. And the clout comes in numbers of a size not ignorable.

  6. Wear A Green Scarf To Support Afghan Women - Rita Banerji - Open Salon
    this is the site that I sent the photo to. A wonderful woman...Rita Banerji.
    Maybe some of you may think of adding to her already large post of pics.
    thankyou for all of the comments.
    Cro...I agree...but I can't wait for that day if it ever could come...culture is a fiercely strong part of all of our lives.

  7. Good for you! And I must say you look GREAT in green.

  8. Happy to discover your blog with interesting postings. Greetings from Brussels,


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