Friday, August 5

Under my Nose!

Sometimes the best things are right there under our noses.

This is the view of the river Mersey when drinking "ones" rose' wine at the Ferry Tavern  not far from the Potters House.
Well actuallly the potter has a Guinness!

It's a favourite spot for walkers and bikers and dogs.
Lots of history has gone into the making of the Ferry...obviously once upon a time there was a ferryman.... .....but I've heard that the owner of the distant shore will not allow any landings.

Shame I say!

When the river floods the tavern gets wet! Sometimes the water reaches quite high up the walls.

I have heard that this was the spot where the Romans crossed over after leaving Chester to travel north.
Some early pottery is exhibited in the local museum.

At the back of the inn, parallel to the river, is one of the earliest canals built for the industrial revolution in England.
When we first arrived in the area we often biked down to the Sankey canal with the kids on the back of the bikes.
But in those days it was dirty and smelly.Clogged up with rubbish and discarded metal whatevers.
Now shoals of fish swim in the clear water, while swans and ducks inhabit the reeds along the edges.

 Boats are moored ......

.....and a boatyard rings with the sound of energetic boaty people!

We will be back more regularly...sure......and not only for the Guinness!

Thursday, August 4

A Poem for Thursday.

Not Getting Wet

The wet dress
warm sand running through her fingers
tiny shells
unprecious stones.

No point in being
by the sea and
not getting wet.

Wednesday, August 3

"Full o'beans!"

Yesterday tomatoes.... picking and podding beans.

And just the act of doing this takes me back to the Belfast home and dad has been to his plot and brought back a bag of beans and peas and mum says..
...."Geraldine sit down there on that step and pod those for us for dinner"...
and I sit on the kitchen step in the morning sun and pod and dream.

Dinner was always at 12.30...what we now call lunch...
...5.00 was tea!

A plot is what is now called an allotment!

How times change and yet how times stay the same.

Tuesday, August 2


 The recent heat has suddenly brought on the ripening of the greenhouse

So now we think...what shall we do with the bright red  treasure this year?

Well the different types lend themselves to various dishes.
We oven dry quite a lot and store them in olive oil in the freezer...they don't keep as well as bought sun-dried in my experience.
We combine them with courgettes, garlic and onions to make oven roasted veg.
We stuff them with rice and herbs like Italian antipasti.
We eat them straight from the vine of course and make loads of tomato and cheese sandwiches to name just a few uses .
There's hardly anything nicer than entering a greenhouse full of tomato vines ripening.
The smell is one of those summer memories that I store up for winter months.

And if any of my lovely blogging friends have other suggestions for these fruits of the vine......
                             ....I would be ever-so-grateful!

Monday, August 1

Prom Art in July 2011

Another great day at Grange-over-Sands yesterday. I was a bit worried about the weather playing up...either too hot and nowhere to hide...or rainy and not worth putting the paintings out.
Oh dear you can't please some people!
But it was perfect. Warm breeze and clouds covering the worst of the sun's heat.....well we are talking northern here.


of the yellow sweatshirt fame!...was pleased with the turnout.
He runs the show...(and I think maybe his sweatshirt is pink now?)

A hundred and ten artists this time.

And the quality of the art gets better and better.
We had a good day business-wise and on top of that met some lovely folks and had a yummy picnic.
What more could one ask for?
That's maybe stretching it a tad! Don't ask me for a list.

Anyway these ceramic poppy heads sold out...

Penguins flew off the table...metaphorically speaking...

One lovely lady came to buy her 4th...
...what can she be doing with them?

And Kate the granddaughter, sold one of these...much to her financial delight!

But these little "babes" were not there as they are even now being packed up for the journey south to
The Snape Maltings Gallery in Suffolk tomorrow.

....and all in a row....

They should feel at home down there!