Saturday, December 3

Thursday, December 1


We have had eight duck and eight pheasant delivered to The Potters House this week. And the potter is busy cleaning and cooking them ready to turn them into delicious terrines. Then they will be enjoyed by all the volunteers who work at the community centre , early next January.
The smell of roasting game is making my mouth water and none of it is for me!....well I mean today....
How unfair can it be!?

A Poem for Thursday.

The Murmuration

Did Steinbeck have the low-down
on starlings?
Someone did.
Are they held together
by the elastic string of time?
Their timing is certainly precise.
Even gulls
who get caught up
in that display
avoid black wings
that shimmer
in the late sun.

Wednesday, November 30

On Not Being Political

[one for the Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic week 15]

On the Issue of "Strike One for Britain"

Today the dead kept dying
Though funeral directors were at home.
Today the children kept learning
Though  there were teachers in Costa Coffee.
Today the weather kept happening
Though the forecasters had left the building.
Today people once again became ill
Though the theatres were not operating at full stretch.
Today most of the job centres were open
Though sadly few of them were offering jobs.

And today the sun shone.
And today children went to the cinema.
And today the coffee shops were full.
And today there were only twenty four more shopping days left to panic over.

[This is no political criticism...simply that life goes on...oh well maybe that there are very few jobs coming up in the job centres...I'll admit that!]

Tuesday, November 29

Magpie Tales Mag 93

Writing Poetry in Claires Cake Shop
While Waiting for Christine.

I think that if I ever did
to get something
into that illustrious book shop... know the one I mean
where they have soft sofa's
and cushions made from retro ladies'
 retro frocks...
I should find myself
in the skinny poetry book section
next to Peter Reading
or at least nearby.. beginning with an S and all that.

For Magpie Tales #93

Many thanks once again to Willow for seeking out another gem of a pic
 to inspire us to greater heights of creativity!

Sunday, November 27