Tuesday, November 29

Magpie Tales Mag 93

Writing Poetry in Claires Cake Shop
While Waiting for Christine.

I think that if I ever did
to get something
into that illustrious book shop...
....you know the one I mean
where they have soft sofa's
and cushions made from retro ladies'
 retro frocks...
I should find myself
in the skinny poetry book section
next to Peter Reading
or at least nearby..
..name beginning with an S and all that.

For Magpie Tales #93

Many thanks once again to Willow for seeking out another gem of a pic
 to inspire us to greater heights of creativity!


  1. I'm not much of a poet, but I have no problem seeing the poetry in that sofa - it tells a whole tale all by itself.

  2. I think of all the mag pie tales I have read today I like this one the best. There have been those from longing to horror but you express a hope and a desire. Not for anything great but a book written by your own hand that others can pull of the shelf and read, enjoy over a coffee and maybe even purchase.

    I like that kind of desire. One of the happiest moments I had a while back was seeing my books on a library shelf well worn and read. That one single moment made all the effort worth it and I hope much more than the same for your desire, Gerry.

  3. Enjoyed the gentle wit!

    Hope I end up next to Rimbaud.

  4. I love it! I think you SHOULD have a book of poetry (or do you already & I've just missed it?).

  5. Oh, this is wonderful, Gerry. LOL. I've read it three times, now. A lovely feel to this.

    Yummy image, as well. : )

  6. Mine are probably now lined up in some Outer Hebridean Charity shop.

  7. This is really good, a little unusual and very endearing.

  8. My view of that sofa and the four poems I have read on various blogs (all equally interesting) was soon overtaken by that exquisite china and that equally exquisite scone and jam!

  9. I never thought about where I'd be in the book store....an yes, that poetry section is particularly skinny isn't it.

  10. An inspired write and a pleasure to read. (Could just do with the tea and scones!)

    Anna :o]


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