Friday, November 19

The Big Macpot.

This ceramic sculpture was made in response to the "ME" generation.
Climbing on top of one another to reach the goal. And in this instance what was that goal?
Why of course "creme de la creme." A large beefburger!
Inside the rim the golden arch is revealed as the lips of an all enveloping mouth hoovering up the innocents.

Don't get me wrong, I'm partial to a good beefburger myself, and I even quite like those itsy-bitsy chippy thingys!

One more from the lateral working mind of the potter.
Alan Snape.

Wednesday, November 17

The Irish Bull - A Poem For Thursday

He could spin a good story,
That fellow.
He could make you believe
There were fairies.
Convince you that things
were not just as you thought.
Suck you in,
Wrap you round.
Make a net with his words.
'Til you felt yourself dizzy
and losing perspective.
Believing his line
With it's hook
and it's bait.
And the further you fell
For the twinkling words
The closer you came
To believing the lies.
Aye, he had a grand way
with a story.


Anyone who has had a peak at our blogs here at the Potters House, may have realised that although we live in the suburbs of this northern English town, our inspiration is almost completely from the coastal landscapes of these islands called The Britsh Isles.

We are blessed enough to also have a hideaway up the coast in an old ex BnB. So to refresh our coastal energies we pop up there as regularly as the business will allow.

That's where I really let my magpie collecting soul take over.

Those cute little wooden boats,probably made in China, I can't resist.

Coastal paintings on every wall.
The one in the middle here by my very talented sister Rosie McClelland.

Beach clutter...

and sun hats always ready and waiting for a day on the beach.

shells tucked away everywhere...
under tables,

in glass vases sourced from the multitude of wonderful charity shops..

on plates and cups too fragile to drink out of but gorgeously seasidey.

This is a very early Amelies House piece. [beloved daughter].
And the table is a Ben Snape one, [ trained cabinet maker...lovely son]

It's a funny old place this NW town, reinventing itself just as so many of our coastal towns are at the moment.
All of the old structures above have gone,

but some have been restored and the Midland is just such a spot.
Ideal for a little refreshment on a warm summer evening.

Tuesday, November 16

"The Camel Ball".

She's slipped on her new Babouches, powdered her pretty nose, perfumed behind her ears...
And now she's ready for the "Camel Ball"!
Standing proud and yet quite coy, she's ready for  her Beau to take her on to the floor for the Egyptian salsa.
In four time of course!

Ceramics by Alan Snape at The Potters House Penketh.