Thursday, September 26

A Poem for Thursday.

To travel is to be nowhere.
You’re not here
And you’re not there.
If you get the wrong train to somewhere,
Or you get off at
The wrong station for somewhere,
Does that mean
That you have completely disappeared?
And when the train gets to somewhere
Will they find that you are nowhere.
And how will you get back from there?

Wednesday, September 25

The Herb Garden

I must get out into the herb garden 
and tidy up the shaggy remains of the rosemary and sage
 and all the other wonderful herbs that have given me such pleasure
 this summer
 as the heat of the sun
 released the scents and heady perfumes.

...right at the bottom 
is this wonderful Tamarisk tree...
...there is something magical about a Tamarisk..
.the ferny leaves and soft pink feathery blossom
seem out of place up here in the north west land...
yet it not only blooms for weeks  of enjoyment
but holds a grape vine in it's strong branches.
This year the warmth has given us many bunches of green grapes 
which I plan to turn into fragrant grape jelly. the right of that is a little love seat ..
.made by the potter
 to catch the sun and the deliciousness of the garden
 and entwined in one of the chairs
 an everlasting perennial sweet pea 
given to me by my Irish brother many years ago.

...they say that a healthy sage in the garden
 is a sign of a wise woman!
Not too sure about that...
but it makes a goodly sage and onion 
 for the seasonal "bird"

Monday, September 23

Walking the Labyrinth.

We made a labyrinth in the back field many years ago...I think I had read a book about them and then the film of The Da Vinci Code came on the scene.

A labyrinth is not a no ...
A maze is somewhere to get lost in as you try to choose the right path to make it to the centre...
 a labyrinth has only one path and that you follow until you reach the centre...and then you are centred!

Mazes are very popular around here...the farmers make a bit of extra money by turning their maize fields into mazes!!

Labyrinths are more likely to be found in gardens and on Cathedral floors...and are often used as a place of meditation. 

Well if I'm a bit stirred up about something ...
...I will often trek down the field to it and have a very slow walk into the centre...'s amazing how calming that walk can be...

I follow the laid out pattern and stop at each turn...
...and have a little think about whatever it is that is earworming into my thoughts and disturbing me.

Each turn gives you a new perspective ...north, south, east and west...
...and as the seasons change do the views...

 ...the pond...

 ...the woods...

...the birch trees...
...the summerhouse...

...the final view...

...and the path itself......