Tuesday, July 31

Sunday at Grange-over-Sands

It was Prom Art again on Sunday ...gosh it comes around so fast I can hardly get my breath.
Well... we love Grange and The Prom Art...but not the rain that stopped the people from promenading with their families and dogs!
So it was a matter of covering up the stall and in the heavy showers hauling in the paintings while the ceramics could look after themselves!
  The stall looked good..
...even in all the wetness!

.and Robert....chief organiser, if you don't count his gorgeous wife !...
was to be seen as usual, walking up and down the prom encouraging us.

 yellow hat glowing... so we would know that he was around.

We had some new tiles on the stall...         

 yes... I know you all realise I'm besotted with them at the moment...

                       but there you go!

...you must blame Derek Jarman's cottage for it all!

There's always a bonus at Grange.....
...the bay was glorious with massive rain clouds  hanging over the hills around Arnside...
I just had to take loads of pics...

Then just to be seen away in the distance at the oppposite side of the bay...
...leading his people like a modern day Moses across the treacherous sands....
the Queen's Guide, Cedric Robinson

I listened to two little girls discussing the sands...
..." If you fall in there the sand will swallow you up"...
...unbelieving look..."Really?"

Well it could have been a Dr. Who moment!

Monday, July 30

The Third Workshop.

Friday was the last of our summer workshops at the Potters House Penketh.

The sun...a very dear absent friend...made a welcome appearance ...joy of joys!!!

First the priorities....coffee and biscuits.
I made lavender ones again this time.
(I'll put the recipe at the bottom if you are interested.)

Old friends greeted and lots of chat in the back yard.

Then into the studios to see what ideas the potter had prepared.

Many in this group come with their own ideas...but it's always good for Alan to have a few alternative ones up his sleeve!

The starting point for this, came from an Italian tile and the stencils were prepared previously....good one this!

Greek style pot, always popular,
waiting for some decoration.

Lunch served around one o'clock...and with that sun still shining on us we eat al fresco.

Oh...That's the potter trying to get in on the act!

Lunch-time doziness nearly takes some of us over....but then it's back to the studios
 and a race to try and finish each ceramic sculpture.

Some folk have been coming to the Potters House for years 
but others have maybe only ever tried their hand at modelling in school....
...so it's quite an accomplishment  to get this looking so good.
...I love his big feet!

There's more work to do on the plaque but I love the interpretation from the original Italian tile.

Four o'clock in the afternoon came all too quickly!...and off they went...excited and chatting as they go.

Lavender Melts
50 grms golden caster sugar
130 grms unsalted butter
200 grms self-raising flour
1 tblsp chopped lavender leaves
2 tsp lavender flowers

1. Preheat oven to 180C
    Cream sugar and butter.Add flour and lavender leaves
    Beat until mixture comes together.
2. Turn out on to lightly floured surface.
    Knead briefly to form a dough.
    flatten to a disc and wrap and chill for half hour.
3. Roll out on a floured surface - half a centimetre thick.
    Sprinkle with flowers and press them in gently.
    Stamp out rounds with an 8 cm disc.
    Transfer to a greased baking tray.
4. Bake for 7-8 mins...lightly brown.
    Remove from oven and leave to cool for a few minutes.
5. Store in  an airtight tin....or eat them with family and friends soon!