Tuesday, July 31

Sunday at Grange-over-Sands

It was Prom Art again on Sunday ...gosh it comes around so fast I can hardly get my breath.
Well... we love Grange and The Prom Art...but not the rain that stopped the people from promenading with their families and dogs!
So it was a matter of covering up the stall and in the heavy showers hauling in the paintings while the ceramics could look after themselves!
  The stall looked good..
...even in all the wetness!

.and Robert....chief organiser, if you don't count his gorgeous wife !...
was to be seen as usual, walking up and down the prom encouraging us.

 yellow hat glowing... so we would know that he was around.

We had some new tiles on the stall...         

 yes... I know you all realise I'm besotted with them at the moment...

                       but there you go!

...you must blame Derek Jarman's cottage for it all!

There's always a bonus at Grange.....
...the bay was glorious with massive rain clouds  hanging over the hills around Arnside...
I just had to take loads of pics...

Then just to be seen away in the distance at the oppposite side of the bay...
...leading his people like a modern day Moses across the treacherous sands....
the Queen's Guide, Cedric Robinson

I listened to two little girls discussing the sands...
..." If you fall in there the sand will swallow you up"...
...unbelieving look..."Really?"

Well it could have been a Dr. Who moment!


  1. Gorgeous sky pics! And I love the hares - they look sassy :)

    1. thankyou Dana...and the skies were indeed amazing.

  2. That is the only trouble with Grange Gerry - you can't walk on the sands although they look so inviting.
    I adore those hare tiles - as you know I am mad about hares too. Are you selling them - would they post alright and if so could you send me details please.
    It is our wedding anniversary later in the month and we intend to come over to the Grange area - if you are fairly near perhaps we could pick up a tile if they are not postable - I can't find you on a map anywhere though.

    1. Pat...we are indeed selling them. I'll email you with the info.

  3. nice...the rabbit pics are very cool...i rather like the 3rd one...

    1. yes I think that the third one looks pretty scary...we once had a hen literally scared to death by a fierce rabbit!!!

      ...another whole story that one!

  4. I love your tiles... just like the hares we have round here.

    1. thankyou kind sir...it's a combination of Alan and my art.

  5. I honestly can not remember ever seeing so much green laid out like a carpet ready to kiss my bare feet,

    1. it's deceptive!...like the little girl said...fall in and it sucks you under!!!

  6. The tiles are fab! Those hares are full of personality x


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