Wednesday, February 18

A Poem for Thursday....Beyond Silence (with many thanks to S. Heaney)

Is it the rhythm of the wheels on the motorway surface or the rapidly changing landscape that stimulates my mind so much when we take long road trips. The radio is on...sharply relaxed in the seat by the potter...watching out for fools on the road. They love roads do fools...learnt that by my father's side as he taught me to drive in my teenage years.

Beyond Silence
Something beautiful happened
On our way down the M6
England's main blood line.
A great flock of starlings
and a murmuration! While
Snow spat down on us and 
The wind struck hard as iron.
Leaving us with only
A holy heavy silence.

Friday, February 13

Do you do what I do every bulbs and then forget to plant them...or even buy the bulbs in flower in the early spring to pop in the ground and never get round to it?
Pat at The Weaver of Grass and Karen at Moonlight and Hares have the bestest pics of their snowdrops.....
My snowdrops have all but disappeared ..I go out looking for them in late winter...but only the early leaves of the bluebells appear. So I buy again...and once again don't get round to putting them in the soil.
Thankyou Pat and Karen for the pics...I must survive on these...and maybe manage this year to plant the pots!

I may get round to the tulips...I really love red's hoping!

Friday, January 30

A Poem for Thursday..... cinquains...or not!

 Tony Maude is heading up Meeting The Bar...The Cinquain ...explained for DeVerse today.
Thankyou Tony...I'm fairly well rubbish at these ...and I know the second verse isn't quite right...but here goes!!

Travelling Home

A chevron
 of geese flies 
over the roadway
As we drive close
 by Cambridge.

The moon 
edged on the right side
…Large-eyed and nodding to the left.
The  Brothers still moan their eternal prayer…
”Let it be me”…

So I suppose there is an extra line in there!! Look forward to reading the poems today.

Tuesday, January 27

A Poem for Thursday....."Antibiotics"

My mother lived alone after dad died even though she was the one who had been ill.
Looking back to when I was still living in the family home in Belfast and rebelling if not outwardly ...definitely inside...I'm thankful for this woman who was a rock formed in the fire of extremely difficult circumstances.


She never cried, she was as solid as a rock
Except on the days she remembered her sister
And the fun they had shared in the big house.
But apart from that she was a stoic and
I knew that the winds of life would not bend her.
Except on the days we made the beds together
And she sighed as quiet tears wet her marshmallow cheeks.
A memory of her mother tucking white crisp hospital corners
Around striped ticking mattresses.
But that was all there was to it then.
I could never hope to come up to that steely reserve
And be the unmoved.
Though there were occasions when the armchair in the corner
By the fireplace seemed too big for her.
Too big, and she filled  the edges of the cushions
With lace edged hankies damp and tucked away and hidden.
Then her brother's name was whispered quietly
As if such a thing could never have happened.
Though it did, for those were the days before the miracles.
We call them antibiotics and warn our families against taking them.

Friday, January 23

The Rhinoceros

The potter has an uncanny knack of being ahead of the game.....the word game I use lightly!  No football meant.
He produced his first penguins a few months before "The March of the Penguins", arrived on the big screen. The polar bears before the global warming fears were played out on the small screen each night.
The latest animal to emerge from the heat of the the rhinoceros.
She...for it is ready for a night on the tiles with nails painted red as she sashays out into the big wide world.
The great white rhino is all but extinct ....I believe only five exist in the world today and they are all in sad that man's of the magnificent horns...will mean generations to come will not have the joy of knowing this armour clad beast in all her grandeur.

This magnificent creature will be on display at The Gallery Bank Quay House, Warrington from tomorrow in a new exhibition there.

As will this photograph of The Old Girl's Grammar School Palmyra Square Warrington. By your's truly!

 Open until 20th April.....

Wednesday, January 21

A Poem for Thursday...."I know a man".

David Harsent....winner of the T. S. Eliot Prize this week....
"If I can't hear the music, I don't think it is a poem".

I mulled this over for a few backround is words and's how I feel.

            I know a Man

I know a man who takes the basic earth wetted 
Turns it in his hands with concentration
Yet as if in a dream enters a dreamlike state and
Pulls the clay and pushes it down then lifts it up to form a vessel. 
His broad long fingered hands seem too big for the intricate
Flattened models that he places on the pot.
Shells and fish and rocking boats with stormy
Waves lashing the hulls that rise and dip around the form.
Then turns it on a turntable and views the work
Reviews with a critical eye.
Tweaking the soft shapes into submission.
And both man and clay submit to one another.

Friday, January 16

Five Day Art Challenge....Alan Snape ...potter

Last day of The Five Day Art Challenge for the potter.....
I couldn't let it go by without the penguins marching over the post!!
They have travelled far and near and are still l;eaving the studio on a regular basis!!.....Thankyou Penguins!!