Friday, May 29

Oriental poppies at The Potters House Penketh

This wonderful patch of oriental poppies has been one of the great joys in the herb garden over the years.

These pics are from many different years.
I still find it so encouraging when they start to open each May and keep blooming until some days into June...always sad to see them go..though they leave a gift of poppy heads to cut for winter. 

...almost always snapped in early evening at the golden hour of sunset ....
...soporific...even narcotic...

Thursday, April 30

Ther Year of the Tulip.

It's not that we haven't planted tulips every other usually at least a pot of red ones...

..and then we remember how much we love them and promise ourselves that we'll buy more next year...

... we discovered Sarah Raven's catalogues..oh my what wonderful tulips she offered...though not cheap!

The other problem we always find the timing for planting them up...too soon and they could rot if the weather is too warm or too you leave them in the package...until suddenly it's December and you notice that the tulips are still out in the back porch in their paper bag.

You dig some deep holes or search around for empty clay pots and hope that you can still get a big bag of bulb compost in the supermarkets!
This year...we grabbed a dozen bags of tulips from Aldi or Llidl...we had decided to economize.
They have been wonderful!

                                ..parrot          and        feather

golden feather

...and peach with a stripe.

The potter says.."It's the year of the tulip"

Wednesday, April 29

Looking look Forward...

This time we are all sharing is very strange indeed.
Some days I'm feeling normal...some days seem very dark, even in all the sunshine we've had here in the North West of England.
Talking to friends it seems they are also looking back at their lives.
I've had a long life and mostly a good one...noone has a perfect life!!
I'm looking through files of art that I've made over many years and am amazed at how much I'd forgotten...and how much achieved.
By that I don't mean that any of it was remarkable in some Oh My Goodness...way!
But today I'm posting a few of the life drawings that I've made in various studios and galleries.





Hope I manage to get back to some studio again one day!

Monday, April 27

Garden pics.

Theres not much to report this week. of the twins still comes for a list and shops for us locally.

She's a great encouragement in this awful lockdown.
I didn't cope emotionally today.
A friend died on Sunday.
She was the fiestiest, most amazing woman.
Not always either politically correct nor one to follow the rules...but just great to know.
One of those who spoke up! I call that great!

Friday, April 17

Ceramic Sales...David slays Goliath/ NHS slays coronavirus19

The year 2002 was quite a year for us at The Potters House Penketh.
Alan's dad..Sydney Snape died.
We bought an old guest house in Morecambe 5 minutes from the beach.
We went to Spain for the first time and stayed in the beautiful apartment owned by our niece and nephew... up the hill from Marbella.
Alan made this large bowl with his typical comic aproach to some of the Bible stories.
I loved it.
I didn't want it to go.
He often stashed it on the top of a storage cupboard in the back studio.
In that way wasn't going to sell.
Until today.
The buyer asked about Gath...was it local?
So the potter told the story of the small David and the great big hulking giant Goliath.
She'd never heard it before.
I think Goliath is "coronavirus 19" and David is little NHS...that defeats it.....chops of it's head!!

This year...back to Morecambe one day soon I hope.

Next year back to Spain..I hope!

Thursday, April 16

Wild Gardening

At the start of this year I decided that we would honour what was naturally happening in the large garden here at The Potters House Penketh...let's call it "Wild Gardening".
We call the back garden the  field as it's almost an acre of land.

Wildness around the apple orchard.

It was part of the Penketh Heath..and the road we live on was once the pathway through the heath on the east.
Then as we all know...coronavirus struck ...and affected us here in Penketh on the edge of the Mersey like everyone else around the world..

So locked in behind the iron gates of the field...there is little to do but garden!
Gone is the thought of a wild garden

Instead the grass has been cut,,,

 the labyrinth trimmed..

.and the vegetable patches have never been so prepared as this year.

a spot for peas and beans...

..I even had time to string up these cd's and stop the wood pigeons chomping on the domestic cherry tree this year...last year we got nothing!

The apple trees have been trimmed...and the blossom is already budding.

In the untimely heat of this April lockin..the garden is glorious.

Time to wander on the paths...the potter says seven circuits might make a mile far I've done three each day!

Tuesday, April 14

Sketch and paint...right handed.

I haven't sketched anything since I broke my left wrist...
well if I'm honest..
I haven't sketched or painted anything since last August in Donegal with Rosie's Art Group sketching holiday.
So the wrist has been a good excuse!!
I keep telling the family to stay creative...I thought it's about time I did something for myself!
So I dug around in my studio and found a sketch book..sorted the desk easel and opened up my paints.
Right handed drawing is so hard!!
I'm in awe of those artists who do it!
The weather is warm
The flowers are beautiful.
I chose these auriculas for the first tentative go.
Forbade the potter from saying.."that's good".
Daft...isn't it...just feeling my way back in.