Tuesday, September 29

Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness.

I scrambled to find the camera first thing this morning.
In slippers and big sweater I stumbled out into the garden and then on down the field to catch the first real autumn mists.
The nicotiana was glowing  by the path to the old hen house.

And the summerhouse nearly lost in the quiet air...with pumpkins and marigolds like golden jewels.
...everywhere sparkling webs joining leaf to leaf.

..back inside for coffee and cereal...made by the potter..as usual!

Saturday, September 26

Vanitas..."Venus of the Bay"

 Part of my art practise is using gathered items that I keep in boxes in my studio to assemble as they appear to work together...and along with some of my writings and poetry  they often have a sense of "Momento Mori" about them.

I've always been a gatherer..and collector of ephemera and odd things!

It takes a while just looking at them and wondering what they are saying to me about the times we live in..and the time of my life too.

I sent off four of these hoping for acceptance in the next exhibition in Technically Brilliant Art Gallery in the Golden Square mall in Warrington.

I'm thrilled to say they were accepted.

"Foot of Clay"

"Venus of the Bay "

"Boxed in"


I must confess that I've been very remiss this year in finding the comments that my lovely faithful fellow bloggers have left for me!
So ..many many thanks to you who have read my contributions on an irregular basis.
I'm really trying to get back to blogland a lot more...it's such a gentle place to be!!

The last of the sunflowers.

Thursday, September 24

Walking in the woods.

 We drove to Arnside.

Through the Yealands...our favourite route...such wonderful names.

Yealand Conyers....Yealand Redmayne...Yealand Storr...makes us think of the Midsummer series!

Coffee and sausage rolls takeaway from the little cafe on the estuary of the river Kent.

Too early for the bore ...6pm they said.

We sat on a bench and watched the river flowing out to the bay 

and  ate lunch.

Then came the rain.

A dash for the car.

Through the woods of the old Ashmeadow Estate.

The discovery of an ancient walled garden with wild flowers and a recently planted apple orchard.

I love a walled garden.

I've written about them before. 

Pics  don't really do this day justice...we'll go back.

Thankful for the rain that found us sheltering by the river.


Wednesday, September 23

The yellow horned poppy.


I thought that this had gone forever from the West End Beach.
How wonderful that seeds long dormant in the shingle
At last emerge this autumn.

Tuesday, September 8

September Garden at the Potters House Penketh

 It's such a lovely mild sunny day today.

Possibly one of the last before the colder weather comes and the autumn rains.

So I took some pics of the herb garden before it has to be tidied up for the year.

I'm listening to BBC podcasts in the summerhouse almost every day at the moment.

Today it was on solitude...another post yet to hear  .....

but I think that this year has made me think more and more about solitude...

...not lonliness...just having more time alone and with my thoughts.

Anyway here are the pics for those of you who still look now and again at my blog.

...what's not to love about a September pumpkin swelling gently in the warm moist air...

...box and bay and the overloaded pear tree...

...and the last of the little red roses still bloom...

Stay safe all my fellow bloggers.
Thankyou for all your blogs and sharing your lives.

Friday, May 29

Oriental poppies at The Potters House Penketh

This wonderful patch of oriental poppies has been one of the great joys in the herb garden over the years.

These pics are from many different years.
I still find it so encouraging when they start to open each May and keep blooming until some days into June...always sad to see them go..though they leave a gift of poppy heads to cut for winter. 

...almost always snapped in early evening at the golden hour of sunset ....
...soporific...even narcotic...

Thursday, April 30

Ther Year of the Tulip.

It's not that we haven't planted tulips every other year..no usually at least a pot of red ones...

..and then we remember how much we love them and promise ourselves that we'll buy more next year...

... we discovered Sarah Raven's catalogues..oh my what wonderful tulips she offered...though not cheap!

The other problem we always find .....is the timing for planting them up...too soon and they could rot if the weather is too warm or too wet...so you leave them in the package...until suddenly it's December and you notice that the tulips are still out in the back porch in their paper bag.

You dig some deep holes or search around for empty clay pots and hope that you can still get a big bag of bulb compost in the supermarkets!
This year...we grabbed a dozen bags of tulips from Aldi or Llidl...we had decided to economize.
They have been wonderful!

                                ..parrot          and        feather

golden feather

...and peach with a stripe.

The potter says.."It's the year of the tulip"