Thursday, February 23

A Poem for Thursday

A child's innocence about the death of a bird...
..." did it have a good funeral? many people went to it?...did you go grandma?....why not?...."
..."It was too cold!"...

So I wrote this for the poetry group at Clair's Cake Shop...

Death by Soap and Water.

Winter slopes by
and the windows
are dimmed with grit.
A rising sun
brings renewed energy
and soap and water works.

Each day more light
and the spirit soars.

How do the birds know
on a bitter January day,
that homes must be built
and partners encouraged?

Soap and water works
on grimey winter windows,
and the song of the birds
gets louder.

The glass glistens...
"Begone damn spots",
all is clear now.

I hear the crash
and view the scraps
of feathers, beak,
legs and bone.

Deceived by soap and water.
destroyed by a housewife's obsession. 

The above painting was in an old copy of Irish Arts and I can't remember who painted it....
...if any one knows maybe they can let me know.
I think it very tender.

I've linked this in to dVerse poets but can't find where to comment so just hope that it is found...
soooo untechie it's not true!!

Wednesday, February 22

Picked a Cherry!!

Found in the International Charity Shop...West End By the Bay.

Say no more!

Monday, February 20

The Gang That Sang Heart Of My Heart - Four Aces - 1953

Here's the very song!

Ballyferris Memories

I've written in the past about the shell collecting expeditions that I undertook on Ballyferris beach, with the friend of my teenage years...the lovely Victoria.

These were serious affairs!
No simple beach combing these...rather, contests of who could claim the quickest eye and the best cherry-picking in Ballyferris.
Please let me hasten to reassure anyone reading this, that I had no desire to enter competion with! no!... my wish was merely to be amazed at the beauty of the treasure that I was able to discover on that windswept shore of Co Down.  But no was not a word to offer this companion of my puberty! and into battle I would go with her.

So to be ambling along on Thursday with one of the grandgirls on the town beach by Morecambe Bay, with nary a care or glare to do better or to hurry up...ahhhh! joy!

See here what a rainbow of colour we managed to winkle out of the sand and stones on that grey, misty afternoon. And how they shone after a good washing down in the old sink back at the house.

Heart of my heart...we sang that way back then...but this is how it feels now.