Monday, February 20

Ballyferris Memories

I've written in the past about the shell collecting expeditions that I undertook on Ballyferris beach, with the friend of my teenage years...the lovely Victoria.

These were serious affairs!
No simple beach combing these...rather, contests of who could claim the quickest eye and the best cherry-picking in Ballyferris.
Please let me hasten to reassure anyone reading this, that I had no desire to enter competion with! no!... my wish was merely to be amazed at the beauty of the treasure that I was able to discover on that windswept shore of Co Down.  But no was not a word to offer this companion of my puberty! and into battle I would go with her.

So to be ambling along on Thursday with one of the grandgirls on the town beach by Morecambe Bay, with nary a care or glare to do better or to hurry up...ahhhh! joy!

See here what a rainbow of colour we managed to winkle out of the sand and stones on that grey, misty afternoon. And how they shone after a good washing down in the old sink back at the house.

Heart of my heart...we sang that way back then...but this is how it feels now.


  1. Beautiful. Beach combing should become an A level subject.

  2. My daughter was a shell collector for a long time - she did have them all on show - but she is 16 now and that isn't as "cool" as it was when she was 10 :-) They are in a box somewhere - I think they'll come back out one day

  3. Those are beautiful! =) xxxxx

  4. thankyou Kate...I love them too!

    Lovely thing to collect Natasha...need some more little collectors!


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