Friday, November 3

Poetry workshop...Peter Pears Gallery

I was lucky enough to have the chance to join a poetry workshop today.
Polly Binns an artist and Pamela Johnson a poet who have been collaborating in a exhibition at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival.
We worked in twos and went out on the shingle beach to be inspired in word and image.
I was blessed to work with Judith Cair...a very sensitive poet.
I was the artist ...and as it's quite a while since I made marks...nervous.
So the result was more than I could have hoped.

Thursday, November 2

The Victoria

We make an early start from The Potters House Penketh when we go off to Suffolk.
We make the trip twice a year....taking ceramics to some galleries.
Why early? make sure we get to The Victoria Free House in Earl  Soham.
Just one of those things to do each time.
Unchanged inside at least ever since we have been there for our lunch.
Then on the Aldeburgh.
This is the potter relaxing by The Lookout on the beach.

Wednesday, November 1


How did we get here so quickly this year?
All saints' day already.
Trickers and treaters came and went.
I had a bowl of sweets ready at the would have been sad if no children had come.
The gorgeous second grandgirl came in all her wonderful makeup...I can always depend on her for a treat not trick.

Then two little neighbours arrived and more treats distributed.
It helps that I put a pumpkin outside the door...and a candle burning in the window   to light us through the "thin time".

It's a time to remember relatives.
This beautiful embroidery design was drawn by Aunt Jeanie Williamson.
I had been sorting out "stuff" after the potter had finished decorating the bedroom.

I'm a collector.
There I've said it and it's in print.
but collectors are needed to keep a hold of history.
This is family history.
I never knew her. She died before I was born. She died of pleurisy at a time when it was a killer . No antibiotics
She was attending Belfast College of Art in the late 20s. At a time when women's art was very concerned with decor...the Bloomsberrys,...Sonia Delauney etc.

I'm in two minds as to whether or not I join the NaNoBloMo this year.
I've come back recently to blogger as I get a bit tired of the banality of FB and even Twitter. 
Still using Instagram as I find it a good way to put up some pics and poems for a quick look.
We are off to Suffolk for a few days. It's the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival and the potter has ceramics to take.
I'll see if I can find a moment for a little