Thursday, May 26

A Poem for Thursday.


I thought I saw a solid form,
To base my future hopes upon.
In rain or hail,
In wind or storm.
My eye has been deceived.

It was a lie, illusion sweet.
It melted all around my feet.
Then... freezing like
 the polar sheet.
T'was not what I'd believed.

I test all sweet illusions now.
I strike them through from stern to bow
Those ships of mercy
And their crews.
Oft, not what they appear.

And honeyed words like buzzing bees.
And stings that brought me to my knees,
Flow past me
Like a summer breeze
I hardly know they're here.

He was the man I thought I knew.
She was the one with friendship true.
The fruit I tended
As it grew
Has rotted on the trees.

Like Blake my soul might wish them ill.
With poisoned words, my wut* to fill.
But time has passed
My heart is still.
My soul restored, released.

[ wut...german pronounced voot : rage, anger, wrath.]

Monday, May 23

New to the group.

I love it when someone comes along out of the blue
joins the Monday morning art group and lo and behold...
a graphic artist!
This is the  work of Barbara who came to join us last year
 through the recommendation of her friend Stella....a long term Monday morning painter.

The title "Fine Art" is a very strange thing don't you think,
because mostly it means...
...not fine at all but rather big and loose and bright!
Now I like big and loose and bright...
don't get me wrong....
but I also like careful and muted and really fine.
So here are a few of Barbara's really fine works.

[ My photos and her paintings]

Sunday, May 22

O.B.G. Belfast.

The Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast has an exhibition at the moment, featuring  artists who paint with black!

Historically this has been an art movement of the 20th c.
The first artist to paint a black painting was probably the Russian artist Kasimir Malevich. but many others have been inspired by his daring use of  black....
Two artists are exhibiting in the O.B.G. at the moment. Both living and working in Ireland.

But these are the works of Neil Shawcross.

So Neil Shawcross was able to paint directly on to the walls of the Gallery....
....oh boy what child wouldn't long to be doing that?
I'm told that my early artistic contribution to my parents home
was a fancy array of cats drawn all the way up the stairs.

This is me giving you an idea of the scale of this work.

   And these are the hands and legs of the two McClelland sisters!
We were joined by two other Irish sisters also in the arts world....
......Liz Jordan Porter who took the photo..and her sister Elvina Porter McCullough.

Art need not always be obsessively serious!