Friday, February 3

Promise Auction

I offered to give a workshop in painting at the Christmas Fayre promise auction....hmmm!

I thought that maybe nobody would bid...but what do you know...three did!

Anyway ..taking it seriously, I've been studying the wants oftwo of these lovely folk...
......watery watercolours ... expressionistic acrylics.

Now I follow a blog site called ...Making a Mark...and this morning it put up a post about the "Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair", at The Science Museum in South Kensington, London.

So you know how it is when you bring up a site ...and then you find within it another site ...and another...and another...
 and eventually you stumble upon something great that you had forgotten all about!!

Well I came upon the work of the poet and painter...David Jones.

He was an associate of Eric Gill and Eric Ravellious and was engaged to Gill's daughter unusual say the least..
...actually least said... and all that...

But you know the links that we have with the Midland on the of course this all caught my attention and looking through some of his work I was able to get examples of "watery watercolours" for one of the "auction buyers".

But more than that I recalled, how diverse and skilled an artist he was, by seeing once again the paintings, calligraphy, carvings and book letterings of this little spoken of artist.

I love that thing... when you see the work of one of the quiet people of art again and are enriched by their legacy.

He has inspired a society to continue to examine the work that he began....

Now all I need is a good site with some expressionistic, colourful, landscape art...
...back to the drawing board!

Wednesday, February 1


I'm following in Ember's footsteps this year and getting rid of one thing every far so good.

Magazines from the year LBD too many and it had to go... many handbags can I genuinely think are necessary for the different occasions in my life? some have to go!

Ohh! yes, I could go on and bore you even more...until you tutted at the lunacy of the collector, and her wilful ways...


There are still areas of the house that I can't bear to consider as they are my worthless but magpie collections.


Not much of monetary value...just memories of Ireland ...children and grandchildren.


I'll just go and dig around in another drawer for a while...
...there's bound to be suitable throwing out or passing on materials in it!