Friday, January 23

The Rhinoceros

The potter has an uncanny knack of being ahead of the game.....the word game I use lightly!  No football meant.
He produced his first penguins a few months before "The March of the Penguins", arrived on the big screen. The polar bears before the global warming fears were played out on the small screen each night.
The latest animal to emerge from the heat of the the rhinoceros.
She...for it is ready for a night on the tiles with nails painted red as she sashays out into the big wide world.
The great white rhino is all but extinct ....I believe only five exist in the world today and they are all in sad that man's of the magnificent horns...will mean generations to come will not have the joy of knowing this armour clad beast in all her grandeur.

This magnificent creature will be on display at The Gallery Bank Quay House, Warrington from tomorrow in a new exhibition there.

As will this photograph of The Old Girl's Grammar School Palmyra Square Warrington. By your's truly!

 Open until 20th April.....

Wednesday, January 21

A Poem for Thursday...."I know a man".

David Harsent....winner of the T. S. Eliot Prize this week....
"If I can't hear the music, I don't think it is a poem".

I mulled this over for a few backround is words and's how I feel.

            I know a Man

I know a man who takes the basic earth wetted 
Turns it in his hands with concentration
Yet as if in a dream enters a dreamlike state and
Pulls the clay and pushes it down then lifts it up to form a vessel. 
His broad long fingered hands seem too big for the intricate
Flattened models that he places on the pot.
Shells and fish and rocking boats with stormy
Waves lashing the hulls that rise and dip around the form.
Then turns it on a turntable and views the work
Reviews with a critical eye.
Tweaking the soft shapes into submission.
And both man and clay submit to one another.