Wednesday, January 29

A Poem for Thursday...."The Flood"

"Noah survives the Flood"...ceramic by Alan Snape

The Flood
Two four six is a children’s rhyme.
Two, four and six is the sleepy time.
Don’t frighten the kids just give them a smile.
Can’t go swimming for the waves are too high.
It’s only the earth dear when all’s said and done.
It’s just the blue planet, see… we orbit the sun.
There’s no need for temperate people to fear.
They’re far, far away from the garden my dear.
Go fly a kite while the winds are so high.
But don’t frighten the children,
Just give them a smile.

I wrote this quite a while ago after the Japanese tsunami.....
...since then edited it...
but I should think ...the people of Somerset are wondering about Noah and whether they should start building those boats.