Saturday, April 9

Stylish Blogger's Award

I have been extremely remiss of late.
I received a stylish bloggers award and forgot to mention it,
or follow through and pass it on.
This is partly due to the fact that I am a silver surfer,
but also a bit of a dreamer.
Many apologies to my lovely girl at Amelies House.
I only started blogging because she encouraged me ... a big thankyou to her for that.
It's kind of her to put me forward for a stylish Blogger's award anyway.
do we have to have stylish blogs,
or are we stylish people?
I'm flattered...whichever!

The award states that I must pass this on to five bloggers that I like.
that's not so easy...I have loads!

Anyway I'm going to start with
The Confusionosity of Life
My oldest grand daughter's blog about her life with S.M.A.

Next is a poetry blogger
who for me is the truest wordsmith
of all the poetry blogs that I follow.
Pics and Poems
Would that I could write as honestly as he.

Someone who writes poetry,
 but also a great diary of the events on a Yorkshire farm is
The Weaver of Grass.
Lots of common sense and thoughtful wonderings about the nitty- gritty of life.

I couldn't let this go by without a superb art photography blog
and this is superb!
posted regularly by a young Spanish artist
making amazing pics from every day objects.
And lastly it wouldn't be complete without a bit of foodie posting!
Feasts and Festivals
is a celebration of the food and festivals of our islands.
Who would ever have imagined that the Brits had so many great recipes up their sleeves....
or at least in their recipe books!

Now to let you know seven things about goes.
1. I'm a middle child of three.
[ could be what's wrong with me ..or alternatively what's right!]
2.I adore the seaside...oh you realised that?
It doesn't have to be silver sands and warm seas
I have done that...just the open space and the sky above..magic.
3.I had an amazing spinster aunt called Helen.
She partly brought me up
and regularly referred to the size of my feet,
 the parting in my hair
 and the turn up of my nose.
But she also bought me comics and a finger of fudge,
when there weren't many comics or fingers of fudge in the aftermath of 1945.
4. Yes I do have rather big feet
and oh what a todo when you want a smart pair of shoes
 and the shop asssistant says,"Oh we don't do those sizes madam....sorry!"
5.I have a friend that I have known since I was 5 years old
and this week we had coffee together as usual.
We were once known as "the inseperables and incorrigibles"
6.Since I was a teenager I've been tall and rather thin -
- straight actress actually.
Which can be good as I can wear clothes fairly well.
But in the teenage years it was so bad,
as I always had to play the boy in the dance class
at school.....bah!
7.I always have a home with an open fire.
In the country areas in Ireland you never let the fire go out
it's the "hearth or heart" of the home and iconically symbolic.

So there you are you know a little bit
about a lot of Peggy Lee sang once.


  1. Gerry, please say I was a close 6th! Only joking, you're still on my Christmas card list! John x

  2. Sytlish blog and stylish person! xx

  3. Middle child
    And at the seaside
    On ships of Helen's fudge,
    With this great understanding
    My friend and I share coffee
    As I... the contrary dancer
    Light this heartful hearth.

    Ummmm... your seven points; I hope well arranged
    and with your understanding smile, Geraldine.

  4. dear Geraldine're the best!
    thanks for warm words. I am so honored.
    I worship you.

  5. If it helps Gerry, I have done much the same thing! I must now try to make amends.

  6. Thank you for the award, Gerry - now Ishall spend the evening thinking about seven things to put on about myself tomorrow.

  7. This website was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me.



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