Thursday, May 16

A Poem for Thursday... Ulysseian Wonderings.

Ulysseian Wonderings.

The fire spits and crackles


And the wind

Mouths melodies

Over the tallest stacks.

A conversation of intimacy.

Slow steady breathing from

The sleeping potter.

And I become acquainted

With Stephen Dedalus.

Strutting his stuff

Cocky as a wagtail

On the streets of “Dirty Dublin”.
                                                   (Gerry Snape)

(Image of Grafton Street 1900s....found on Google.)

Monday, May 13

I have heard the puffins are struggling to rear their young this year due to the long hard winter and a lack of the little fish that they feed on.....


 ...however these two came out of the kiln a couple of days ago looking exceedingly well feed!!