Saturday, December 25

Friday, December 24

Happy Christmas

We pray that your Christmas will be peaceful and fun of love. Thankyou for all of your comments and kindness to us here at the Potters house Penketh.

Advent Christmas Eve.

Friday the Twentyfourthday in Advent.
Christmas Eve.

Earth holds it's breath.

Thursday, December 23


Thursday the Twentythird Day in Advent.

The festival of Christingle.
A Moravian Festival.
I love all of the different customs that take us through the dark days.

Wednesday, December 22

A Poem for Thursday.

Fat Chance.

When I was young
and cash was rare,
I couldn't get the key to fit.
My dreams were big
but full of air.
Fat chance of ever making it.

And Simon Barnes
has made it clear,
Why I could never reach my goal.
I should be there
but ended here.
Like Alice down the rabbit hole.

One for the Poetry Bus.


Wednesday the Twentysecond day in Advent.

" Baaaa...don't leave us out here
we want to see what's happening too".

Tuesday, December 21


Tuesday the Twentyfirst day in Advent.

December 21st.
The sun stands still.
Earth holds it's breath.
A northern sleep.
The heart cries out for good news.

This too will pass.

Monday, December 20


Monday the Twentieth Day in Advent.

"Come let us go a-carolling"

Sunday, December 19


The Fourth Sunday in Advent.

There is a prehistoric site in Co. Meath in the heartland of Ireland
called Newgrange
It is said to be 5000 years old, constructed even before Stonehenge.
From the 19th of December until the 24th is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.
Before oil lamps, before gas lamps and before electric lighting,
People were worried that the light would not return.
So the building of Newgrange was constructed so carefully that for 17 minutes each day of the solstice,
the sun, or the light shone into the Newgrange.
That was their hope.

so if all that we have is hope...
There is no need to be ashamed.