Wednesday, December 22

A Poem for Thursday.

Fat Chance.

When I was young
and cash was rare,
I couldn't get the key to fit.
My dreams were big
but full of air.
Fat chance of ever making it.

And Simon Barnes
has made it clear,
Why I could never reach my goal.
I should be there
but ended here.
Like Alice down the rabbit hole.

One for the Poetry Bus.


  1. I like this. It's whimsical, but a bit sad, in a way—or, on the flip-side, it's quite sad, but a bit whimsical. (I've been Christmas shopping, so my brain-power is dwindling.)

    Who is Simon Barnes?


  2. Great title and great poem!

  3. Thankyou 120 socks...
    and thankyou Kat.
    Well Simon Barnes, or as we sometimes say St. Simon a sports journalist on the Times. But much more than that he also writes about wildlife, and a bit of philosophy from time to time.
    He has a wonderful way with words.

  4. thankyou Natasha. you might know where I am coming from...and even where I'm going!!

  5. Love the honesty and soul in this piece. A tender fragile beauty...

  6. Thankyou fistful of moonbeams....and a very happy christmas to you.


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