Thursday, November 17

a Poem for Thursday...The Noise of Heavy Traffic.

Margaret U. brought the prompt today. 
She offered us an envelope with strips of paper and each had a noise written on it.
So... waterfall, drip drip, laughter and mine....the noise of heavy traffic.
There's always a panic moment when you know that you have no more than an hour to put down your best thoughts and make some creativity with words!
We have just come back from another motorway trip...this time to see the southern family down the M6 and M1 and traffic, traffic, I had something to work with.

It's "brumm brumm" and "beep beep"
As the child on the back seat sang.
And the young woman in the driver's seat
Does her best to avoid a prang.
While out on the road in the busy traffic
Screaming accelerators shout.
And the tired commuters in the early morning
Play chicken, without a doubt.
Brumm brumms the sound of the traffic
And the beeps are heard all around.
While the child strapped into his seat at the back
Turns his toy wheel around and around.
The H.G.V. in the line in front
Is revving it's engine again.
The driver frustrated, is paid by the hour
And the number of trips he has made.
A middle aged business man lost in  reverie
Sighs as the lights turn to red.
That's another ten minutes of idling in neutral
He may as well stay in his bed.
Then a smart-ass young woman gesticulates
Wildly and raises her B.P. again.
She lifts up two fingers and points them at someone
With a blankety blank blank refrain.
The light blinks on green and they're off on the road
Well at least they can make second gear.
And the child in the back seat smiles
At the woman and 
Raises his fingers as well.
God's name is called upon there in the traffic,
Well, called may not be the right term.
But for folk who declare they are atheist/agnostics
They regularly mention him there.
Then the traffic starts moving and hope springs eternal
They may yet make the school run,the meeting,
The shopping, the doctor's, the dentist's the job
And get home again sometime this evening.
Now the child on the back seat is singing again
And the smart-ass young woman calms down.
While the heavy goods driver thinks maybe he'll make it
And the business man ceases to frown.
For they'll drive down the roads
Where the traffic is heaving
And tomorrow they'll do it again.

...there are more!!