Thursday, January 27

A Poem for Thursday.

Indian Cattle

With soft faces
and docile eyes
they view us.
on dusty red roads. 
Huddling together
in the dusky sundown.

No sacred cows
each one owned
and needed.
Yet no field owned
though needed.

White taxis swerve
and sound
their raucous klaxons.
Gentle beasts
sway a little
and the cars pass by.

Red dust is thrown up
from rutted roads
long black bovine lashes
flick it away
as they have done
for ever.

Wednesday, January 26


We visited at least seven beaches on the Goan coast.
Some were almost empty, others packed with western tourists and Indian beach sellers.

Sunset over the Arabian Sea.

A packed strand with wonderful coloured umbrellas.

Houses on stilts in pink...



and any colour you can think of.

For the Goans, life goes on across the beach..

Children entertain to earn money for the family. This child was only two and his brother played out the rhythm on the tambor while he danced the Bollywood dance for us and literally put himself through a metal hoop.

This is Sonia, a seller of jewellry.
She and all of the others that we met could speak perfect english although they had never been to school and had no hope of ever doing so.
In fact many could speak or at least use up to four languages.
Clever girls.

This little boy discovered a bottle of sun oil left by a tourist and so he smothered himself in the oil and grinned at such an exotic thing!

Behind the beaches are woods and forests and women collect dead branches to fed the fires needed to produce an evening meal for their families.

and fishermen lay their nets out ready for the sundown when all the boats are pushed out across the wooden runners and into the surf.

A place of extreme opposites.
Of leisure and work.
Of have and have not, both western and Indian.

Tuesday, January 25

Back from India!

Yes I've been away for quite a while.
My niece has been married in India and we were priviledged to be a part of the whole ceremony.
It was a German/ Irish/ Indian joining!
My niece is Irish German and her husband, Irish Indian. A wonderful combination, especially when the singing starts!
The wedding took place over three days.It was held in South Goa in both the Lalit Intercontinental Hotel and two private beaches close by.
Non stop celebrations!
So I may put up a few pics over the next days.
I hope you can cope with that, my lovely fellow bloggers!

The newly married couple under the wedding tent with the Arabian Sea behind them.

Silver sand, wonderful boats and the warm Arabian Sea. Heaven!

Gorgeous outfits on the family from Dehli.

Your's truly with tittfer, courtesy of Zena, amazing hatter of Morecambe.
If you can bear any more then I shall search out some goodies from the rest of the holiday!

Oh just one lovely sister, mother of the bride and her son and beautiful partner with the wedding couple!

Cheers lovely people!