Tuesday, January 25

Back from India!

Yes I've been away for quite a while.
My niece has been married in India and we were priviledged to be a part of the whole ceremony.
It was a German/ Irish/ Indian joining!
My niece is Irish German and her husband, Irish Indian. A wonderful combination, especially when the singing starts!
The wedding took place over three days.It was held in South Goa in both the Lalit Intercontinental Hotel and two private beaches close by.
Non stop celebrations!
So I may put up a few pics over the next days.
I hope you can cope with that, my lovely fellow bloggers!

The newly married couple under the wedding tent with the Arabian Sea behind them.

Silver sand, wonderful boats and the warm Arabian Sea. Heaven!

Gorgeous outfits on the family from Dehli.

Your's truly with tittfer, courtesy of Zena, amazing hatter of Morecambe.
If you can bear any more then I shall search out some goodies from the rest of the holiday!

Oh just one more...my lovely sister, mother of the bride and her son and beautiful partner with the wedding couple!

Cheers lovely people!


  1. Absolutely stunning pictures. Thank-you for sharing such treasured experiences...Makes me want to re-new our vows somewhere exotic!! Love from Mick and Sue xxx

  2. Beautiful pictures, and no doubt these and the memories will be a great inspiration for you. Welcome back!

  3. Ooh lovely sun and warmth! You look marvellous in your finery, as do all the families, a wonderful blend of backgrounds.

  4. Welcome back Gerry. Beats the Registry Office doesn't it?

  5. You look fabulous! Nice hat.

  6. thankyou John. It was a very moving ceremony with really touching words.

    120...I've got lots more to show but may end up boring everyone!

    Sue and Mick you two are exotic anyway!

    Natasha, you can borrow the hat any time you like!

    PG ..the families got on so well that it was fun to be with them all.

  7. How delightful, and wonderful that you could attend. I love your look!

  8. Three days? That's the way to celebrate a marriage! How wonderful - it looks stunning. Memories for life there, I imagine.


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