Thursday, February 10

A Poem for Thursday...Come let me see...

let me see the poetry
in my life.
The rhythm and the rhyme.
The pauses
and the notes to hold.
The runs to run.
The metre
and the line.
Show me how often 
to sing a chorus.
Break into harmony
Add another voice
and there.

Let the middle of the song
be love.

But don't promise
what you can't give.
No Grimm stories
from the brothers.
Tell Christian
that I've heard them all.
I'd rather be with the clowns.
They sing my song.
The song of 
the holy fool.

Tuesday, February 8

Ruskin's View.

"For most men, an ignorant enjoyment is better than an informed one; it is better to conceive the sky as a blue dome rather than a dark cavity; and the cloud as a golden throne than a sleety mist"
John Ruskin, Modern Painters ( 1856).

This is "The last word" quote in the Times today, and the view of Ruskin.
Each early spring we plan to go up to Kirby Lonsdale to walk the Lune and climb the steps up to "Ruskin's View".

We park the car at the old bridge and take the river path along towards the town. We've been doing it since forever it seems and yet it still makes us sigh with the beauty of all that is there.

Often the water is icy on the edges and makes wonderful patterns with stones.

By the time we get to the bottom of the steps I'm never sure if I'm going to make it to the top!

The river at this point is smooth and deceptively calm but underneath the currents coming from a couple of different directions merge and a fierce battle takes place beneath the surface.

Ruskin was an odd old fellow but he certainly knew a good view when he saw it , and the joy of getting to the top of the steps is rewarded by not only the sight across the river.......

 .........but the beauty of the ancient church yard that we then walk through to get some sustenance in the glorious Sun Inn.

Neither was he a slouch when it came to painting  watercolour landscapes. There are quite a few in the Abbott Hall Gallery in Kendal and I'm hoping that there will be some more in the big Watercolour Exhibition coming to London at the end of February.