Thursday, February 4

A Poem for Thursday.

A Poem for Thursday
Today at the writers' workshop the prompt was from Shauna. She gave each of us some pages with interesting lists, to make us think about our lives and the people associated with us at various stages of it.
Time Line..............I choose 10 - 15. was the 50s, it was Co Down, and all was well in my world.

Before the Fall
Time was endless, friends were many.
Vicky and Sandy, and I was Gerry.
We laughed a lot, linked arms and talked
About boys we fancied and those we stalked.
A caravan was where we gathered 
Under the stars at Ballyferris
Our bare feet kicking the silver sand.
Where time was endless, nothing planned.
"There's  Cassiopeia and there's the Plough".
"Oh your luck's in, there's a shooting star!"
We raced down maran covered dunes
And harmonised on Western tunes.
And miles away on the far horizon
Were ships bound for ports in the land of England.
We seldom thought of our futures then,
But time and tide don't wait for man.
They pass unseen and never waver
Then gather up all in their net without favour.
And I daren't go back to that holy place
Where time stood still. A time when space
And mercy was real, before the fall
That enveloped and overwhelmed us all.