Thursday, May 12

A Poem for Thursday

We spent some time in Aldeburgh last week.
 This is by the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout Tower which often has Art Exhibitions in it.
 You can see lots more on their Face Book site.
The potter is not known for doing nothing...but this pic caught him in pensive mood!


Homeness is his nose, his ears, his brow.

The sweater he wears, the shoes he buys
From the cheap shoe shop across the road.

Homeness is the breakfast that he makes
And the silence as we read the daily news,
His the sports report, mine the gossip page.

Homeness is the familiar sag in the bed
Where my body fits snugly and
The duvet falls effortlessly around me
While sleep creeps up on me easy.

Homeness is knowing where everything is
Stored in the kitchen cupboards when
I want to make a pot of coffee or
Break a square off a hidden bar of chocolate.

Homeness is the spicey smell of rosemary
And sage In the stoney paths as I meander
Through summer's scented herb garden.

Homeness is me waiting for the swallows
To return and in the homecoming then
                                 To know everything will be alright.