Saturday, December 29

Lunch at The Palatine.

We sat in the big brown leather armchairs, looking out the window of the Palatine Bar at the sea and mountains, up in the Bay today...

...our first major outing since the potter came out of the jungle that is known as "The NHS"....not that we aren't thankful...we are...but it's still a place you don't want to get lost in!

...Watched the world ...or at least the people of the Bay, go past. 
Me drinking mulled cider and the potter loyally sticking to his fruity glass of pop...
...then just sat for a long while and enjoyed the luxury of the moment and scanned the newspaper for positive headlines...

...there's something timeless about a scene with people promenading in twos and threes along a sea front ...whether Spain in the sun or the Bay...with the wind caressing the beach flags, while the waters flood and in the distance, those old blue mountains edge the horizon... they have done since the days when the ice melted!

Lunch was no disappointment either...the chef came out and mentioned that fresh turkey pie had just come out of the oven with crushed, buttered potatoes and buttered carrots on the side....well who could resist...?

... we didn't!!...

Monday, December 24

Happy Christmas


A very happy Christmas to everyone who reads the posts and poems on the blog and those who take the time to write me a little encouraging message ...thankyou!!
I hope you know blessings and love at this season.