Thursday, November 15

A Poem for Thursday..."The Visitors."

Visitors arrive
with bundles full of home.
house coat
new slippers
bag of apples
favourite newspaper.

Professionals stand
at their desks.
walk the path
the healthy
the sick
the dying.

A grey skull
open mouthed
coughs harshly
too many beds... to pay attention to one cough.

Drawers are labelled
arrest situation
body chart.

All life is here
more handwashing takes place
than Pilate
ever thought necessary.
With empty relatives
sitting in
grey cafes
drinking grey tea.
and waiting
for the results of loved ones.

This is Kierkegaard's observation....
that life is a reality to be
not a problem
to solve
and all existence
is beset
with paradox and riddle.

(this is written with Louis MacNiece in mind...I love his thoughts and was taught and studied him when living in Belfast....he lived close to the city... The one especially in mind .."I am not yet born"...) I hope I've managed the link this time Brian!!

The sleepy garden...

I've been taking pics of the garden and back field for the potter  as he is still in hospital
 just to let him see the way the garden is going to sleep for the winter this year.
I think it gets more beautiful every year. 
It was an unofficial local tip when we took it over more than 30 years ago.

But Alan has used the wood available to make the fences and arches around the site.

... the summer house at the far right...

...the old barrow just about holding together...

...the herb garden...

...the little sun spot at the bottom of the herb garden...

...autumn colours  ...

...autumn leaves...

...the gingko tree of eternity...

 ...canary creeper seeds falling for the show next year...

 ...another viewing spot for the roses...

... winter food for us and...

 ...winter food for the little field mice who live in the compost heap...

...a goodly crop of leaks this year means great soups...

 beautiful end of year colour.

Tuesday, November 13

A Poem for Thursday

The Midlanders

..a man was killed on the tracks, today.
I waited on platform two
for the train coming down from Glasgow.
Today... damp,cold,misty day in the north.

This middle England...
(Trains with no drivers)
of semis and trees...
(Drivers with no trains.)
ponies,cows and sheep.

A reassuring voice
reminds us
to take care when stepping down onto the platform.

Patient passengers
gaze silently
steamed up carriage windows .
Travelling in timelessness
each cocooned in their own dramas.
Business men,young mothers,grandparents.
Wheels turn almost without noise
over tracks...
in the trees
crows await rich pickings.

Going home
this is England
at it's most crowded.
Middle and everything.
All languages, all sizes, all ages.
All trying to get home.
Some get on the train.
Some  abandon the try....
Far from home...
Far from the destination.

Now I believe what they tell me...
...everything in everyway
ends in chaos.

Open Link Night ~ Week 70

Linking up to dVerse this's been a while since I had the time to do it and ....miss it!!!

"There is only one thing that one can do when one is happy...and that is become unhappy"....
(from... Waiting for Goddo)

But you only really discover how happy you were when you become unhappy!

Is that the truth of life!