Tuesday, July 10

The Hare that Lops.

Excitement mounts
The poet’s house
Camera at the ready
Miss not one thing
Not one moment
Not one significant symbol
Then …click.

Out he ran fast
Out from the flowers
Out of the ring of wood
The sculptures of iron
The redeemed of the shingle.
Out he speed
And I feared I had lost him.

There in the corner of my eye
To the left of my sight
To the safety of the gorse
He ran barrel-lunged
Muscle thighed.

And I am left panting
With eyes bulging
And voice screaming
“A hare…a hare!”
Tearing over the rough ground
Away from the poet’s house

Only later do I find
The faithfulness of the camera
With a faster lens that mine
Caught him
Ears high
Eyes staring
Feet fleeting
And I smile.

A little quote from ..."derek jarman's garden"
 "The rabbits have gone - I'm happy about that, but welcome the hare that lops past. A hare is the queer animal of myth, and my, they go fast."

This is linked up to dVerse open link night week 52...congratulations on a whole year of poetry!

Monday, July 9


I can't believe that I have been picked to win a necklace from the beachshackproject.blogspot.co.ukwhose blog I follow!
I just don't win things!
Well actually...now it seems I do.
I love the stuff that they make. It's all made from sea glass and other beach cast-ups. Something I love anyway and have collected myself since the Ballyferris days of my youth.

The Tennis Cake

How exciting was that match yesterday!
 Now I'm not in any way sporty.
I deeply disappointed my dad who assumed that as I had long legs I was sure to win the annual school races...sorry ...no.
And when it came to hockey...I was always on the wing...shivering.

No it was never because of any deep sporty longings that I started this annual bake up, rather  the purchase of a cook book from M and S and a way of making some thing from not much!

It was the year of the Queen's first big jubilee and Virginia Wade was in the final and lo and behold she won!!
So the tradition was started.
The next year, the names of the two finalists went on to the cake at either end and the loser was eaten first!
As simple as that.
Well the two junior Snapes have left and now have their own homes, families and traditions
But I decided to bake  a tennis cake this year .
We took it up to the northern family yesterday to eat it in front of their bigger t.v.!

Hmmm! ...we ate Murray first!...but boy did he put up a good fight!
Then on my posts...up came a wonderful pic from the southern daughter...the painter of cakes... and a grand tennis cake!
have a little look at http://amelieshouseblogspot.co.ukhttp://amelieshouseblogspot.co.uk

Of such things memories are made.
Love it!!