Friday, October 14

Poetry Jam

I almost wept.
My brand new dress would need the laundry.
It wasn’t too noticeable,
But when you pay a month’s dosh for that special do,
You don’t want even a ghost of a mark on the thing.
Yes, yes it’s only on the edges
But you know how beer stinks.
Hey but that was some evening…wasn’t it!?

This was written for the prompts on Poetry Jam this week...
Thanks for the fun words Chris from Enchanted Oak!

Thursday, October 13

Poem for Magpie Tales 86

Now listen here
I’ve had enough of your shenanigans.
Give some respect
And stop this fooling around.
I’m dying for
My morning mug of coffee.
Can’t think without some caffeine in my blood.
I told you
Not to mess with Harry’s brand new wand .
He hasn’t
Even had a chance to try it yet.
Will you open up the spell book
Find the one reversing what you’ve done
Good heavens
Even Alice had some cake and growing liquid.
I didn’t mean it when I said that you had put some weight on.
I know
I’ll have to lose a bit myself.
Be nice
Because you know it’s right, and anyway
If not
I’ll never reach the pedals to get us into town

Many thanks to Tess from Willow Manor for this wonderful prompt for Magpie Tales 86.

A Poem for Thursday.

Come wind
Come blow
Come scatter leaf.
Come stroke my skin
Come touch my soul.

Bring ocean salt
Bring desert sand.
Bring Indus' spice,
Bring scent of rose.

Then fill the garden with your voice.
Then sing out wind
Sing autumn's song.
Too soon the sunning
Will be gone.

Wednesday, October 12

The Willow Ball

I hope I'm not too late Darlings?.....
Traffic was a..ppalling! the sooner they put in that underground to Heathrow the better.
I was waiting for Stevie McQ's call...I would wait for ever for the man...well you know that.
Any way, it's a good job that I wore the lounging outfit as he arrived on his blessed the machine.....oh how glamorous! ...if a "lettle" bitsy chilly.
Now I might need to sort out a bit of a dance card...he doesn't like the I'm hoping that Rudi N. is here and I've also heard that Aristide B. is hoping to get away...that is if Jane A. doesn't throw one of her hissy fits!
 I can't tell you how excited I am... a whole year planning an outfit, turning down other invites...hope they're not too put out.... and then it's all over so to make the best of this delicious time together.

Tuesday, October 11

Salt Marching on The Bay.

That sounds like a cue for a song somehow! And of course Morecambe is famous for those.
However this is all about a glorious day spent wandering the salt marshes of The Bay with two of the five precious grandgirls.

Vast skies free the mind to extend the edges of our thinking.

We feel like the first explorers as we venture out into the flats of the bay.

Binoculars reveal the remains of a cocklers truck sunk half into those wobbly jelly-like sands.

Healthy fear keeps us waiting on the edge ....

....but we see the tide come roaring up the bay....

...and so we turn and respect this powerful element.

Pools have been formed and then reformed with each tide as it flows in and out.

Deep gullies appear and disappear with each month that we visit.

And the edges crumble away continually as the water takes it's toll on soft sandy clay.

Landward is this beautiful old farmhouse, and we wonder how many more years we will be able to visit before this too disappears into the quiet waters of the Bay.

Only the sea birds are undisturbed by any of this.
Oyster catchers wait together for the rising tide, before taking off on their magnificent circus flying acts over the shining Bay.

[By the way...anyone interested in the music history of Morecambe, can see a stunning film of that at Morecambe Library on the evening of Monday 17th October and Tuesday to be screened through out the day. Any more information can be had from Sonja Campbell of Happenstance Arts e-mail ]