Thursday, May 3

A Poem for Thursday.

Everybody knows 
that a pansy's not a rose.
cos a rose grows on a bush
 and can prick you very much
while a pansy's on the ground 
where the mud is all around
but the pansy has a face
full of sweetness full of grace
and it doesn't shout out loud
doesn't captivate a crowd
like the feted blooming rose
surely everybody knows!

This poem comes about because of the Poetry Matters prompt...."Everybody knows!" what a great prompt...because we all know something!!

Tuesday, May 1

A Poem for Thursday

The Two Sisters.

two sisters
side by side
smiling at me
cherry blossom
like pink snowflakes
coat the grey pavement
with colour
in the monotone world
of the fifties.

 reared me
hauled me up
wiped my nose
straitened my parting
told me
"stand up tall".

I've put this in a bit early as I don't want to miss the dVerse OpenLinkNight Week 42
Anyway the Thursday in the title is there, as I was born on a Thursday!