Sunday, October 17

Kite Festival

It was interesting that the Commonwealth Games had as it's advert, kids flying kites.
Anyone who has read The Kite Runner will remember actually how dangerous it was. Yet we think of kites as symbols of freedom and family fun. Of course they are, when dad or grandad get on the beach and give the instructions to the minions to hold that line...don't let go...did I say hold!
Every year Morecambe has a kite festival. It's big business now. There are kites to take you up in the air with them and kites to fly over water, skimming and somersaulting like mad birds in the sea foam.
I love the festival, but somewhere in the back of my mind is a niggling thought about the kite runners of Afghanistan or even India as I view the colours and shapes hanging up in the Northern air.

The beach is packed with kite flyers.

From the Midland Hotel along the West Prom.

It's a day for mum to bring the picnic and the kids to race up and down the sands while dad unravels the string for the kite, for the umpteenth time. 

A day for mad theatricals.

A day for death defying acts.

A day for queueing up to get the best icecream on the prom from Kate's van.

A time for kite surfers on The Bay.

A time for the older ones to dream of their childhood.

A time for the young to dream of a future.

                                                          And a good day had by all.


  1. What a nice event. Wonderful photos.
    I hope that seagulls enjoyed seeing all of the different kites flying in the sky.

  2. Lovely photos Gerry - we spent one summer in the 70's there - it was a wonderful holiday.

  3. Great photos!
    __Though often, some people have told me to "Go fly a Kite," I'd been rather unsuccesful in my paltry efforts.
    __Nearby, Newport RI, there seems to often be a lot of sporting kite fliers... interesting to watch.
    __A very interesting post, Gerry! _m

  4. Great pictures. We'll really have to get there one year!

  5. Wauw, what wonderful photos! I have never seen so many kites in one place. What imagination people have to make such fantastic kites. And the musician with all those instruments, he's almost medieval! The photo of the girl looking for stones on the beach is sweet.
    Grethe ´)

  6. Fantastic. I've always harboured fantasies about flying kites, not that I was ever any good at it - maybe that's why!

  7. These are wonderful photos Gerry. I enjoy visiting here. Thank you!

  8. love all the kites and the colours

  9. Every one, thankyou for your kind comments. I think one of the things that this festival reminds me of is the Prayer flags that fly up in the Himalayas..not that I've been but the photos that come in magazines make it look like a celebration...even if it isn't !!


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