Thursday, May 27

A Poem for Thursday

Many years ago I wrote this poem because I watched a child looking over our fence here at the Potters House, and it reminded me of my childhood  and how I used to jump on the wall at the back of the garden to see the folk in the BIG house at the back of our semi. I thought that they must be royalty as the house was sooo big.

                                                    June '96

                           The ginger pigtailed child jumped high
                          To see over the fence
                                          into the secret garden.
                          I too, once jumped and climbed
                                         to catch a glimpse of the unattainable.
                          And I wept for the child who is,
                                        and who was....
                         And who knows what will be?

Monday, May 24

From lump to hump.

This is an exciting new piece from Mr. S. Where a lot of his ideas come from is anybody's guess. But I absolutely love this new ceramic camel. Of course every thing starts with a lump of clay. This camel was made with crank, which seems only right to me as camels are known to be cranky!
He is mainly modelled by hand but the  body is thrown on the wheel and bashed into shape.

Then head and tail are added on and as far as this camel is concerned, boots put on his feet! So to make sure that he doesn't trot off he is weighted down with my kitchen weights etc.
Dried, fired once, glazed and fired again he's ready to be admired.

Now he stands proudly in the studio window, thoughtfully watching this way and that,  just in case a  Bedouin tribe should venture down  Penketh way.  One never knows and a camel must always be ready for any adventure, hence the boots of course!