Thursday, February 7

 My daughter ...the lovely owner of Amelie's House and Nevie pie cakes...studied for her degree at what was then Newcastle The University of Northumbria.
She made some long term friends there and of them all stayed closer in the end to Gretel Parker and her then boyfriend  Andy ... than any of the others.

At the end of degree show, we went to see the exhibitions...and of course loved Natasha's, and also Gretel's. However the work that touched my heart most was that of Andy's. I saw in his art a sensitivity and tenderness, with also a look at the way old discarded stuff can be redeemed. As with Schwitters, he used ephemera to produce something new.
I asked if it would be possible to buy one of his pieces of art and so ....was the proud owner of this .

 Now when I was little I regularly had serious viral flu... to the extent that I would hallucinate thinking that I was a cabbage or onion and the layers were being stripped away...
...yes I know family will say, "But that is just your mad imagination!"...
At the end of these scary sessions mum would bring me down stairs and wrap me up in blankets by the fire...
...and I always asked for the story of ...Jairus's daughter...who made it through the night!!
...this collage is based on that story of a father who kept asking for help.

Very sadly Andy has not managed to make it through, and so I'm putting up this post to honour him and to encourage everyone to... 1. look at Gretel's blog post ...2. back those who struggle at producing honest art often at the lose of income... and 3.consider contributing to this site to help Gretel financially to get through the next months  if not years.

Thankyou all you lovely blogger friends for the support that you have given Alan and myself in particular since November....what a great community! 

Wednesday, February 6

Restore my Soul...

I have needed my soul and emotional equilibrium restored recently....and today another blow came with a first class letter from the hospital....
I am actually amazed at how much we can take...and perhaps it's as we build on the past and realise we are still here that it happens.
I listened to the wonderful interview with Simon Armitage and Seamus Heaney last week...Heaney said that his work was built on the foundations of those poets who have gone before ...or words to that effect...

Being up at the Bay in the couldn't help but think back to Masefield's wonderful sea poem...
..."I must go down to the sea again,
to the lonely sea and the sky"....

So although I wrote this before I listened to Seamus Heaney.......Masefield's poem was deep inside me.

The sea ,the sea,
The roiling sea.
I must go down 
To sate my need.

My need , my need,
To sate my need.
For elemental 
Wind and water.

The wind, the wind,
The sucking wind.
Within my soul
It succours me.

My soul, my soul
That succours me.
Come claim me back
Come wind, come sea.

This is one for dVerse today.'m almost last in the pub...but just made it.

I'm adding Poetry Jam on the bottom of this post...just found a super poem on twitter

Party for Stan the Potter.

Stan's Birthday do!

We all trooped up to the Oaks Community Cafe and by all I mean all 18 of us......

...all the workers there are volunteers...well almost all...
So they spread three tables for us with bread and butter....soups and paninis....cheese and onion pie and baked potatoes!!

We brought along some wine and two yummy chocolate cakes with candles...
...of course.
They needed 85 candles!...
I gave up after 8...
This Tuesday morning group are so close and may I say
..." such fun"...
...if that's not taking the words out of Miranda's mother's mouth!!!

...turned out it was Margaret's birthday  as well... 

and then everyone came clean...


...and Margaret...celebrate 52 years together....



...lots of craic....

...and much puffing of flames...! gone gone ...cake nearly gone...might take this bit home!

...just call us party people!!

Sunday, February 3

A poem for Thursday...The Mag 154

What a great as we do a few miles down the M62 from the Library. Thankyou to The Mag for that .
This poem was published quite a while ago...but fits this I hope you will forgive the repeat!!

In the beginning
There was
Walter de la Mare,
Robert Louis Stevenson
A.A. Milne

Rose Fyleman was there too
The Oxford Book of English Verse.

And there was a train
In the beginning,
Made out of chairs
Placed in a row.
And children,
Lots of children
As the words got faster.

In the beginning
Words made sense,
And sensibilities were easy to understand.
And that was in the beginning
When words floated around in the air,
And sometimes
Ended up inside my head.

And it was easy
To join them up
One to one
And twos to threes.
And often they joined up so fast
That they tumbled over one another
In joy.

And that was just the beginning.

so I'm linking up with
The Mag 154 today and looking forward to reading the work that comes up inspired by the Wonderful Library
in the middle of Manchester.