Saturday, July 21

Some Success!

Well despite my rant yesterday re. the effect of the summer weather on the garden... the potter  a.k.a  the gardener...pulled up all of the onions and laid them out to dry in what we bravely call.."summer" these parts.

They look good and only one of the whole batch appears to have the rotting disease that we have had problems with over the past few years.

They've also reached a goodly size which I suppose could be up to the amount of rain...

...we couldn't say the same for these red ones...a bit pathetic, still we will be grateful and use them up.

Now there is a whole patch of clean empty soil ready for something else...always an exciting prospect!

Friday, July 20

Entering the Jungle.

It rained most of June...though we were lucky enough to be in Spain for some of that...
and then it has rained most of July...
oh and of course we couldn't garden when we were in Spain...
and so now...
...we have a jungle in the back field part of our land!

This is the result of two hours on a meter square bit of the herb garden.
Now I know that in some ways this looks rather attractive...lush and green...and to those followers living at the moment in a dried up and dusty wilderness...I'm sorry if you think I'm moaning.
The slugs and snails are so big that they have smaller slugs and snails doing the housework for them.
I have even heard that they have come all the way from Spain after hearing how good the takings were around our parts!
The Times today had a good article on how to get them ready for the pot watch out you slimey things!
Anyway...I'm knee deep in the green everyday...skipping the showers and hauling the soggy undergrowth up to the old wheelbarrow.
But...the other thing is that some of the plants have grown to twice their size and I suspect that they have been coupling with some triffids while we were lounging on beach beds in the sand.
These are the cardoons last year...

probably around 4 feet easy to see the tops of the flowers...

...this year... I can't see the tops of anything!
They are at least 8 feet high.

Ahh! looks like it might rain in a minute...maybe there's a golden goose at the top of these and it will lay me a golden egg....stranger things and all that!

Wednesday, July 18

A Poem for Thursday

He digs
as if
of his future
depends on it.
of his older sister.
of her attempts
 to find

She creates
 pretty sandcastles.
Decorates them
with shells.
And makes
a beach garden
around them.

 has no time
for that.
For life is
too short.

And men must work.

This is linked to dVerse open link night anniversary week. A great site for poets!

Tuesday, July 17

Palette Knives at Dawn.

A palette knife workshop at The Potters House today, with the potter as chef du jour in the kitchen.

To start the group off on a positive note...
I explained that if you can butter bread or ice a cake, you are on a winner, using a palette knife for painting.

So with that "great" explanation under their belts...they  set forth with their boards and canvases.
Brave women!






and Norma.

I love the way each person's work is so different...just as each of us makes life more colourful.

The food was excellent ...of course...and the rain dried up long enough for us to sit out at the garden table.

Then the day was brought to a grand finale with the entrance of the potter's chocolate cake to be taken up with a refreshing cup of tea.
We had a critique on the art...and all said they enjoyed the day.
In my defense...I had prepared a document for each of them re. equipment and techniques so they knew a little bit more than...
....buttering bread...but the metaphor helped!

So I bid a good bye to most of them until September.
wipe the tear baby dear from your eyee!"