Tuesday, July 17

Palette Knives at Dawn.

A palette knife workshop at The Potters House today, with the potter as chef du jour in the kitchen.

To start the group off on a positive note...
I explained that if you can butter bread or ice a cake, you are on a winner, using a palette knife for painting.

So with that "great" explanation under their belts...they  set forth with their boards and canvases.
Brave women!






and Norma.

I love the way each person's work is so different...just as each of us differ...it makes life more colourful.

The food was excellent ...of course...and the rain dried up long enough for us to sit out at the garden table.

Then the day was brought to a grand finale with the entrance of the potter's chocolate cake to be taken up with a refreshing cup of tea.
We had a critique on the art...and all said they enjoyed the day.
In my defense...I had prepared a document for each of them re. equipment and techniques so they knew a little bit more than...
....buttering bread...but the metaphor helped!

So I bid a good bye to most of them until September.
wipe the tear baby dear from your eyee!"


  1. I think the only 'serious' painter to use a knife well was Welshman Kyffin Williams. Did they see any of his work?

  2. nice....it would be worth it for the cake...smile....i can even butter bread so i might not be too bad...smiles.

  3. I can butter bread and ice a cake - wish I could have been on that course.


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