Wednesday, July 6

The Garden Party

It's Wednesday already.
Saturday is nearly upon us.
I say the same thing every time we do this.....
"Don't let me say, 'Let's have a garden party again'!"
The family smile benevolently

I will be glad if I never have to see a scone mix again!

Cakes are in boxes for the pop-up afternoon tea rooms......
this little beauty is the famous "Alan Snape Chocolate Special".

Three sites for the pop-up afternoon teas.
The Summer House,

the American Swing and The Indian Tent!

......bunting is gathering from friends...

Signs and actually...plates and cups for thirsty punters
Plants are arriving for the plant stall.
A knock at the door...
and these three enormous ...are they toys? ...are presented for, "guess the name!"

The neighbourhood has been informed.

So now it's all up to the weather...
.....and we're in St Swithin's 40 days...
 so I hope he will be kind to us!