Wednesday, March 23

A Monastery Garden.

Hyning monastery is near Warton village in the north of Lancashire.
It's a monastery run by Bernardine Cistercian Nuns.
We've been a few times before to conduct art workshops.
There is a really good studio suitable for quite a big group of people,
 with accomodation available in the monastery.

With a bit of free time in between teaching the classes, we explored the gardens around the house.
These were laid out many years earlier by the Peel family living there at the time.
Now Sister Mary Stella and her helpers are attempting to bring them back to the glory that they were and in fact add to it.

I love this moon gate.
I think that the idea is originallyChinese.
Any gardening bloggers can put me right.

Aconites and crocuses have multiplied as they grow together under the trees.

The grounds stretch away into the distance
 with wonderful views of the Lancashire countryside.

Old stone walls are clad with ferns and mosses,
a sign of the pure air of this northern land.

An old bridge has been rebuilt over the stream that winds it's way through the garden.

And the pond has been dug out and replanted around the edges with early flowering Daphne.

This was once the summer house for the Peel family,
facing south catching the morning sun.

Ancient doors lead on to secret gardens,

and old doors wait for a thicket of undergrowth to be cleared away and use made of the rooms discovered.
It makes me think of The Sleeping Beauty!

Every thing will have it's purpose one day.

Swathes of these delicate lilac coloured crocuses have naturalised along the paths.

I've no idea what these fungi are, but they were about the size of a thumb nail
and every where on the dead tree roots.

No self respecting monastery would survive without a cat or two!
This glossy black and white moggy sunned himself each day in the early spring sunshine,
against the door of the studio.
Plump and purring and well fed by friendly nuns.

Any one interested in the art of icons might like to know that Sister Mary Stella is an icon writer.
[The correct term for the painting I believe].
An exhibition will be held at Hyning from 10th -12th April.    2.00p.m. - 5.15p.m. each day.
There will be viewing in the studio and the chapel 2.00 p.m.- 3.15 p.m.
A talk at 3.15 p.m.
Refreshments from 4.00p.m. onwards.
Donation £5
01524 732684

Tuesday, March 22

Kate's Present.

Kate was fifteen this week and Alan made her a lamp similar to her southern cousin's,
 but with stars  instead of rabbits.
Well she is fifteen!

I suppose that the other three grandgirlies will soon request their preferred cutouts on their personal lamps.
What should I have?....
..........if I ever got to the front of the pops's queue!!

Shine on.